Please note: I’m no longer taking on new profile writing clients. If you’re looking for my personal and professional coaching services, please visit Lives Entwined.

Marketing and communications can enhance every aspect of your life.
  • Improve relationships at work and in life.
  • Learn to communicate with confidence in presentations, interviews and “meet ‘n greets”.
  • Say what you mean in a way that inspires engaging conversations.
  • Negotiate from a position of strength and learn win-win strategies so everyone leaves the table feeling good, especially about you.
  • Learn how to approach challenges with creative solutions when traditional ones don’t work.
  • Learn techniques to improve your emails and written presentations to maximize their effect.

There’s no end to how marketing and communications can be applied to both your professional and personal lives. Consultations are available via video conferencing or phone. Prices vary from $60 for 20 minutes to $160 an hour with special rates for repeat clients.

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