Samples & Testimonials

Here are excerpts of great LinkedIn profile samples. I’ve also provided an explanation on how we reached the all-important openers. For more tips, look through some of the blogs (the categories will help you) and have a look at my interview on King 5 TV where I also provide advice on writing your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn profile sample – Sonya.

After moving to a new city, Sonya decided to leave administrative work and get into sales. After a few email exchanges where I asked a number of questions, I learned that she knew several languages, which is what inspired this:

It’s been said that great salespeople know how to listen. If this is so, then that makes me an ideal candidate for the position of Sales Representative. I can listen, as well as communicate in Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and English. I have a working knowledge of Spanish too.

LinkedIn profile sample – Ted

Ted is a chemical engineer who really enjoys speaking engagements. For this reason, his bio needed to be engaging. However, it also had to appeal to his audience – other chemical engineers. As such, I kept the industry jargon he had written, but vastly warmed up the opener based on a little nugget I discovered when I followed up with questions. When Ted saw this, he exclaimed, “Wow, you make me sound human. They’re going to love me!”

As a child, Ted liked to blow things up. Fortunately, this path of destruction was averted when he discovered that he loved mechanical engineering more than vinegar and baking soda volcanoes.

LinkedIn profile sample – Susan

This psychologist was concerned that I might make her sound a little trivial if I personalized her bio. Still, she did feel it needed warming up given that it was so dry. This is what came from our exchanges:

I began my career wanting to be a voice for those who couldn’t speak for themselves. Instead, I became an ear. As a psychologist specializing in childhood trauma, listening is the greatest contribution I can make.

LinkedIn profile sample – Joseph

Joseph was the President of an innovative software company. Because of his position, he needed an air of loftiness. However, given the brand he represented, he also had to show some panache. Once I learned a bit more about his personal interests, I discovered the perfect opener:

Joseph is a classical pianist, a writer, even a beekeeper. What he isn’t is the typical techie.

LinkedIn profile sample – Ghania

After a successful run as a TV host for one of Saudi Arabia’s popular Fashion shows, Ghania moved NY to further her career. In our exchanges, she mentioned how (ironically) sloppy she’s been known to dress. When I asked what she was wearing when she arrived at LaGuardia, here’s what it inspired:

Ghania arrived in New York wearing sweats and runners. Yet she couldn’t have been more ready for the red carpet.