Questions to help you write a better online dating profile.

This is the very questionnaire I use to uncover the stories, expressions and quirks that make my clients come to life. Feel free to use it yourself. Once complete, pick some of the best answers and add them to your profile. If you’d like me to do it, then simply fill out the PayPal form and we can get started. You’d be amazed at what an improvement I can make!

Online Dating Profile Questionnaire

  • IE: I get teased about cooking. I once added garlic to pancake batter. Worse, I did that because I thought I was making quiche, ouch! I also get teased about liking Celine Dion (don't judge!)
  • I.E.: 1)I love the Impressionists and can lose myself for hours on my deck trying (unsuccessfully!) to paint like them 2) A client who loved to cook collected antique cookbooks 3) Another client who loved to run was chased by a giant ostrich 4) A client who loved to travel stayed with nomads. Share your anecdotes and feel free to write a few sentences for each one so that I have context.
  • IE: I don't eat kidney beans because of the name. I bump into things and inadvertently apologize to parking meters. A hypnotist fell asleep on me. I had a cat with 3 legs and another with 6 toes (at the same time). I sang opera to get over shyness. I like Christmas lights so much that I keep them up year-round. Remember that a few sentences for each helps give me context. Thanks!
  • Ideally your profile should be about 250 words. Don’t have one? Don’t worry. Send it later by email. Don’t fuss with writing well either. Just write from the heart about who you are. Even if I'm writing your profile from scratch, this step gives me a sense of your priorities, expressions and your "mannerisms" so that I can write the profile as though you did it yourself (only better!).
  • This is where you can share experiences you've had with online dating, the sites you've tried or any other concerns.
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