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The biggest mistake you can make writing your cover letter.

Dating profiles, LinkedIn profiles, About Us pages and even cover letters are all about marketing yourself. The environments in which they’re posted are competitive ones. Other people are vying for the same attention you are. It’s the first impression you make. It’s also your only chance at making a lasting impression. That’s imperative especially when it comes to cover letters. Imagine the job of a potential employer or recruiter in the midst of a search. They could be reading dozens,… read more

Profile writing tips for LinkedIn users.

How to unlock that opening anecdote. You may be surprised by this, but the best LinkedIn profiles and professional bios begin with a personal anecdote. Why? For three reasons. The first is that it makes the bio unique to you. After all, while other professionals may share your qualifications, none share your personality. The second reason is that a personal anecdote will bring you, the person, to life and, in doing so, it will inspire trust. Let’s face it, we… read more