Gay online dating profiles vs straight ones: oh snap!

That gay married couples are not entitled to the same constitutional rights as straight married couples baffles me. That some states – especially California, home to San Francisco, Palm Springs and Richard Simmons – won’t even recognize gay marriage has me completely perplexed. That arguments for and against these issues are actually being discussed, let alone heard in the Supreme Court, astonishes me.

10076_2449577276374_688550421_n-1It would seem that gay people and straight people are different when it comes to love and marriage (not to mention, rights). As an online dating profile writer, this notion has had me intrigued and, as such, I investigated it.

Through informal polling among gay clients, friends and followers, as well as by scanning the online dating profiles of gay singles, here’s what I discovered about gay romance:

Gay people get nervous and excited before a first date. Apparently, gay people have hearts and not just sexual organs. As such, just before they’re about to go out and meet a potential suitor, their hearts skip a beat too! 4-real!!

Oh, and just in case my humor escapes people, do know that I’m being facetious throughout.

Gay people try to look good before a first date. It’s true – even lesbians! Shocking isn’t it? Can you imagine ohhhh, let’s see, Portia de Rossi getting dressed up for her first dates with Ellen? (Seriously, am I the only one who’s noticed that Jillian Michaels wears platform runners?).

Gay people look for good first date ideas. I found online forums where gay people discussed first date ideas like having a picnic, visiting an art gallery or going for a bike ride. I knew gay people rode things. But, bikes?

Gay people write bad online dating profiles. I scan online dating profiles all the time and have noticed that gay singles don’t know how to write their own dating profiles any better than straight singles. Both can use my help (did you really think this blog would be free of a plug…so to speak).

Here are excerpts from two online dating profiles that I randomly chose from Plenty of Fish. One is by a gay single. The other is by a straight single. Try to figure out which is which.

Here’s the first one: About me : I’m sarcastic, not mean sarcastic but funny sarcastic! Gotta have honesty. It’s  just on of those things i can’t live without. I like reading and learning,especially if it’s useless information.. i just found out Approx 7 million people are born a month.. That’s A LOT of people!! I accept my flaws .. We all have them It’s just part of human nature ..

Here’s the next one: Hi, Thanks for checking out my profile. I’m just giving the on-line dating experience a try, in order to increase the size of the dating gene pool. (probably just like you?) So if you’re hoping to meet a very fit, amusing, well groomed, sane and of course modest man, then I might be the guy for you.

Can’t tell which one is gay and which one is straight? Neither could I. What I can tell you is that the first one’s sentence construction and self-marketing are atrocious (honesty is one of those things I can’t live without…huh?), and that the second one is too short and says nothing of particular interest.

On a final note Whether you’re gay or straight, if you’re online dating then, chances are, you can use the help of a professional profile writer and marketing expert to help you stand out and get noticed.

Check out my online dating profile samples and see for yourself. Or, get started with personality questionnaire then send your answers to me. You’ll be amazed at what I can do with them.

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