Improve your online dating profile. Special NYC singles edition.

Because I have a background in writing ads, in addition to being an online dating profile writer, I’m in the unique position to give online dating profile writing tips based on marketing techniques.

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Sometimes the best way to provide tips on how to improve your online dating profile is through examples. As such, I’ve been picking excerpts from random online dating profiles that I’ve found on New York dating sites (slightly modified for anonymity) and have posted them followed by critiques. All the most recent excerpts have been from NYC, but I’m enjoying this so much that I’m going to “travel” across the States.

Today’s excerpt is from the online dating profile of a 38 year old single female

A little about myself..I am usually a very easy person to get along with, but fully admit I I have been known to open my mouth when I shouldn’t, and can be a real **** at times.

I cook at times. Im not a huge sports fan, but Im a huge Hockey fan. I’m not a fan at all of Baseball and basketball for sure….LOL

Music, I listen to Country. At times I will listen to classic rock. Well thats all I have For now. If you need to know more feel free to message !

My critique

It’s not a good idea to start a profile warning people that you have a big mouth and can be a bitch. In fact, if you actually have to put that caveat out there – right away – then I really worry about how little control you have over what  you say and I wonder how responsible you are at self-improvement. Though I’m all for being yourself, an online dating profile is not the place to reveal flaws that could seriously turn someone off. The rest of her online dating profile writing takes on a negative slant as well. Instead of saying what you don’t like, say what you do like and keep it positive. Negatives are fun if you’re saying them playfully. For instance, I love dogs but could skip the poop and scoop (not my best example but, hopefully, you get the point!).

On a final note

Instead of taking a chance on crafting an online dating profile that doesn’t put you in the best possible light, hire me to do it. Start with the online personality quiz then submit the answers to me. You’ll be amazed at what I can do with them!


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