Is your LinkedIn bio a little personal?

linkedin_0If it isn’t, then it needs to be.

Social media has created a culture where familiarity, not formality, inspires trust. More importantly, familiarity creates a bond by resonating with your audience in a very human way. In this age of Siri, we all want a personal touch. We want a real person.

That’s why now, more than ever, the “real” you needs to come alive when you’re presenting yourself on screen. After all, in business, there’s nothing more powerful and persuasive than likeability.

If you can make that quality come across in the one-dimensional world of online handshakes, then you can connect – and compete – like few others can.

So how do you promote your achievements and expertise in a way that elicits respect, while demonstrating just enough personality to make someone believe you’re “for real”?

Open like no one else can.

Most LinkedIn profiles and professional bios make better sleep aids than they do introductions. Many are even written in the third person – how much more aloof can one be?

Instead, open in a way so unique that it grabs attention, disarms your reader enabling them to connect emotionally to you, and then sets the stage so that you can promote your accomplishments without ever sounding arrogant or aloof.

Begin your LinkedIn profile or professional bio with with an anecdote that’s unique to you and makes for a great preamble to your main qualifications.

One technique is to leverage your childhood.

When I was a boy, I picked up the trumpet and played Louis Armstrong’s “Wonderful World”. It made my Mom cry. I was that bad. Today I play trumpet for a living.

That was the opener used by one of my clients. From there we followed up with some of his career highlights.

Another technique is to start with a contrast.

I love to figure skate. I glide. I spin. I even jump. Yet, try as I might, I can’t walk anywhere without tripping.

This was a disarming opener used for a client who was a personal trainer especially given how shy people are about their own limitations. From that opener, she then countered with how physically adept she is otherwise. What followed was a paragraph that summarized her other qualifications.

Still another technique is to find the quality that bridges your personal life with your professional life.

I always wanted to be a voice for victims of abuse. Now I’m an ear. As a specialist in childhood trauma, I’ve learned that there’s no greater reward than being a good listener.

These examples demonstrate how a personal anecdote can transform your professional presence. In a few days I’ll post a follow-up blog that gives you some techniques to help you unlock yours.

Finding a powerful beginning and writing it in a way that his maximum punch takes skill. It also takes a lot of finesse to arrive at the perfect balance of personal and professional information. As an ad writer, I have the marketing expertise to know what questions to ask and what answers to choose so that they best resonate with your audience. As a profile writer, I have the skill to make you come alive on screen and truly connect.

Have a look at my LinkedIn profile samples and see for yourself. Better still, let me get started on yours. 

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