LinkedIn profile or sleep aid?

6a00d8341cdd0d53ef01156fbe1c1e970c-320wiToday I scanned a number of arbitrary LinkedIn profiles and realized that even back-to-back episodes of “Married to a Jonas” would be more interesting. Boring does not begin to describe what I read.

I saw claims of “proven leadership, proven performance, proven results” with no proof to back them up. The same held true of “demonstrated”, a word people seemed to throw around without actually demonstrating anything.

People also listed traits like “well-organized” and “responsible”, which are a far too basic for anyone with a “proven” track record.  In fact, even if you’re hoping to find your first job, you should be organized and responsible already. Same holds true with “motivated”. These aren’t impressive qualifications. They’re a given.

Finally, I read LinkedIn profiles with absolutely no personality. The online environment is depersonalized enough. You don’t need to add lifelessness to it too. LinkedIn is a social media site, not an online wake. There’s no need to be somber. Instead, craft a profile that makes clients and recruiters want to connect with you.

Ask yourself this: who would you rather hire – someone dispassionate and reserved or someone passionate and vibrant?

Begin with an engaging or surprising opener.  Add some interesting facts that prove you’re “proven”. Be concrete and demonstrate how you’re demonstrated. Delete the basics. Lastly, forget big words and silly lingo like “client-centric”. Good grief.

Instead of coming across like an vague, self-important cliché let your accomplishments speak for you and make sure that you craft your profile in a way that demonstrates real personality and passion.

Before you go

I encourage you to have a look at my LinkedIn profile samples, as well as this blog on adding a bit of personality to your professional profile. It’s just one technique (among a number) that can help you improve your online presence so that it’s engaging, impressive, interesting and, lastly, memorable.

Another technique, so to speak, is to hire me to do it. As a professional ad writer and marketing expert, I know how to create a persuasive presentation, so get started.

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