LinkedIn profiles, lip sync battles and lessons you can learn.

The other day I wrote a blog about what lip syncing can teach you about writing a dating profile. Now it’s time to apply those same lessons toward a winning LinkedIn profile (and About Me, of course!).

When Dwayne Johnson made his lip syncing debut on Spike TV, I didn’t anticipate the former wrestler to do it to Taylor Swift. Yet, there he was shake, shake, shaking it off – rap number included. It was hilarious.

It was also unexpected and memorable.

But what does this have to do with your LinkedIn profile? A lot. Those funny lip sync battles actually have three key qualities that can help professionals present themselves more successfully.

1. Shake off the dust and make your LinkedIn profile shine.

A lot professional profiles carry the same old tune with claims like “outstanding track record” and “highly-accomplished”. These are tired.

Headhunters and employers read numerous profiles during a search. After they’ve read dozens before yours, do you really think that reading yet another variation of “accomplished” will shake off their stupor?

Once they’ve read dozens after yours, do you think they’ll still recall what you had to say?

Rather than do what’s typical, take your cue from The Rock and do something unexpected to grab attention and leave a lasting impression.

As an example, instead of saying that you’re accomplished, prove it with an interesting stat. Better yet, add some personality and/or specifics to make it unique to you:

Last year, while the economy suffered its worst slump in history, I managed to increase my client’s share of market by 12%.

Depending on the nature and formality of your industry, you could add a stat with a personal anecdote to humanize your copy and connect more personally with the reader:

I’ve programmed 27 websites. I’ve helped develop over a dozen apps. I even prevented a virus from bringing down one of the nation’s largest enterprises. Still, no matter how I try, I have yet to beat my daughter at Angry Birds.

(For inspiration, check out my LinkedIn profile samples).

2. Change your routine (and create a more interesting LinkedIn presentation).

Doing the unexpected, as the Rock did, takes creativity (so does writing a blog for professionals while referencing a lip sync battle!).

Some of us are naturally born creative people, others aren’t. But no matter what camp you fall into, it’s nevertheless a trait that requires nurturing.

My suggestion is to change your routine. This is especially important for older, more established professionals trying to balance the responsibilities of work and family life. For them, routine is often time-saving and reassuring. Who wants to change it?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that you should disrupt your lives completely. However, I do recommend that you make a commitment to embrace novelty.

This can take the form of ordering a new dish at lunch to singing in the shower if it’s not your your norm.

I strongly suggest incrementally going out of your comfort zone too. Facing fear takes courage and overcoming it instils confidence. Try a lip sync battle of your own with friends. Or, do what I did – dance along a street (in fact, I chose a lagoon near my home). I felt like a fool and looked like one too. But, ultimately I had fun and I felt good about myself for attempting it.

Being creative often means being different. So don’t be afraid to be atypical.

3. Remember that LinkedIn is a competitive platform.

Jimmy and Dwayne may be buds, but a battle is a battle. So remember, no matter how many friends and amicable colleagues you might be connected to on LinkedIn – don’t kid yourself, it’s a competitive environment – a pool for candidates and clients alike.

So present yourself at your best and as you would to any client or potential employer.

That is:

Look like a pro with a professional photo. Post a smart and strategic profile (I can help with that). Add your achievements and certifications. Join groups and engage.

Apply the three simple traits of a lip sync battle 1) take a fresh approach 2) nurture your creativity and 3) compete fearless – and you’ll go from being one of the crowd to one of a kind.


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