Online dating and wedding bells!

I’ve spent years writing ads and, more recently, writing online dating profiles. A such, I know that a great presentation increases your chances of success when online dating. Don’t believe it can happen? Then read this guest post.

Here’s the last post by CB who’s entertained us with her story of finding love online and all the steps that happened leading up to the altar. This is the conclusion. Enjoy!

The happy couple!


The day finally arrived. The skies were a glorious blue, but the temperatures had dropped a good 20 degrees F from the summer-like conditions on Thanksgiving Day.

And that scratchy throat that had been threatening for days was trying to insist on turning into a full blown-cold. I was having none of it. Two kinds of meds were administered, and I could stand in my heels. Tissues were at hand.I was being helped by my friend from Vancouver, who’d arrived late the night before, and was to be my witness.As we drove from the cabin to the pavilion, we stopped  to take a video on her iPad — including our very own rendition of “Going to the Chapel.” Show time! A friend remarked I was the first bride in history to arrive on time. We started with classical music, then quickly switched to “Going to the Chapel.” (yes, once again!)

JGS’s organizer friend helped me take off my overcoat, to the applause of our guests. I walked the short distance through the tables to meet JGS and the officiant at the decorated arch at the front of the room. Our vows evoked laughter and tears.  JGS’s daughter-in-law read Shakespeare’s sonnet 116, and we played one of our special songs, True Companion by Marc Cohn.

Our exit song, Nothing’s Gonna stop us now, turned into our first dance, by accident.

Oh well. People wanted us to dance, and the bubbles kept things light.

We went outdoors to sign the papers, and when we rejoined the party, people were enjoying the food and the band. There were rave reviews for the decorations, food, cake and music.  We received the good news that JGS’s daughter in law was going to have a baby, a double dose of good news on a glorious day.

Like most brides, I hardly touched the food. I had to chase down some guests who left early to make sure they were given their little candy wedding favours. It all seemed to go by much too quickly.


We saw off the last of our guests. My shoes were not pinching.  I happily got in a few dances with the band — even if I didn’t get a chance to eat much food.

The skies were still an unbelievable blue and we released some of our gold and white  balloons to the heavens.

The same friends who helped set up things stayed on to help clean up. This kind of help is the best wedding gift you can receive. A small group of people was staying at the park for the night. So we signed up for a hayride followed by a fire and marshmallow roast.  JGS and I donned our “Bride and Groom” ball caps, and jumped on board the hay wagon.

It wasn’t warm out, so the fire and hot chocolate were welcome. A real cowboy told tales of bronco busting. As we rode out, the stars sparkled in a perfectly clear sky, and while the moon wasn’t full, it did give off a bright light.

A perfect cap to the day.

This wasn’t our honeymoon spot. In fact, we were sharing the cabin with a friend, and our room featured twin beds  (shades of the Dick Van Dyke show!)

But we did catch a few private moments back at the cabin, until our guest arrived.

Well, life is better with close friends, so we started to chat. But the big day, the wine, the fresh night air and the lurking cold all combined and I realized — “Everyone, I have to go to bed!”

So, I crashed on my poor husband on our wedding night.  Not the first bride to do so, I guess. But JGS was fine with it. Because he’d planned a proper outing for us — the next night.


The overtired bride rose early the day after her wedding.  Despite crashing on her groom, there was cozy time in the  middle of the night — twin beds would not thwart the newlyweds!

We happily went walking in the pretty park and had a leisurely breakfast at the lodge. No deadlines!

Well, in fact, we were heading somewhere. But no guests to wait on this time around.

JGS had booked us a room at a historic building in a nearby town, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  It had the look of something out of Mad Men, with 60s inspired Danish-style furniture, and lots of copper and glass.  It was certainly an elegant contrast to the cabin at the state park.

Even if I loved both locations.

I surprised JGS with a multiple-package gift in the room, and we just savoured being on our own after all the excitement. Our so-called “small” wedding included nearly 50 guests, and we wouldn’t have missed having any one of them there. But it was nice to have some privacy at last.

The Bride and Groom ball caps came in handy on this “mini-moon.” They had been a bit of a “joke” gift from JGS’s “honourary” grandmother, the mother of a friend.  But they made people smile, and even earned us a couple of cocktails at a nice restaurant in town.

Too soon, I had to step back on a plane up north. This time a legally married woman.

What a whirlwind, less than a year since we first connected on line with a “wink.”

I still wink at him.


Wow, so lovely. Thank you CB!

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