Samples of online dating profiles from NYC singles

For this blog post, I’m still focused on dating sites catering to New York singles. I’ve looked through countless online dating profiles and, for the next few days at least, I’ll continue to critique the online dating profile writing of certain ones that I’ve chosen arbitrarily. Please note that I’m only taking excerpts from the dating profiles that I’ve chosen. Plus, I’m modifying them slightly to maintain anonymity.

My advice on how to write your online dating profile comes from marketing expertise that I’ve accumulated from years working as a copywriter. I use these same skills now to write online dating profiles.

Please feel free to check out my bio, as well as the online dating profile samples of my work.

This is the excerpt of an online dating profile of a 53 year old man

I like my graden ! I like to cook ! I like long walks ! Golf ! And love to dance ! I like talking and to hear someone talk. I love to swim and eat the food I cook . One day i hope soon i can start my new business maybe next year

My critique

First, this is so short. The ideal length of online dating profiles is approximately 250 words. That’s long enough to get attention, but short enough to keep it. In addition, though it’s good to share your activities, you might want to add a little anecdote here and there. For instance, tell the reader about your garden. Describe your favorite dish. What kind of dancing do you like?  Somehow, when I read this online dating profile as a whole, along with all the exclamation marks, I feel as though I’m reading the dating profile of a man who might be a bit naïve socially.

On a final note

For help writing your online dating profile, complete the online personality quiz then submit the answers to me. You’ll be amazed at what I can do with them!


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