Sexist online dating advice that women need to read.

angry-woman-300x300Right now, at this very moment, somewhere across North America some female is valiantly defending our gender against the damning stereotype that women are nags.

Meanwhile, across countless dating sites, thousands of single women are proving her wrong.

In my estimation, women dating online go on rants more often than do men. They also waste much of their dating profile listing the demands that suitors require before being deemed worthy.

Worse still, these women do so with the caveat that they’re strong and are looking for guys who can “handle” it.

Truly, the only men who could handle that kind of delusional self-perception and rage usually work in institutions well-stocked with antipsychotics and straight jackets.

Examples of angry dating profiles.

The following lines are actual excerpts from women’s online dating profiles that I found. Keep in mind that these women are exceptional in their negativity. However, otherwise normal women go online and craft variations of these:

If you’re old, not fit, married, unemployed then keep away from me. Tired of all the losers. Looking for FIT NICE guys!!!!!!

Tired of cheaters. If you can’t commit then you can’t have me.

I’m a strong woman and I’m sick of meeting guys who can’t handle it. I’ll call you on you BS. I hate cheaters, fat guys and old farts looking to feel young. No way. Go away.

Top tips for getting what you want.

1) Take advantage of searches and settings. These are incredible tools for weeding out matches based on age, marital status and income, as well as identifying good matches.

2) Start by writing your dating profile in a way that truly describes you and your interests. Don’t be vague and don’t try to be all things to all people. If you do, you’ll end up being contacting by a lot of the wrong matches. As such, you could end up so frustrated that you go on a rant.

3) Before you get into all the must-haves, prioritize them. Pick a few key deal breakers and that’s it. That way, you aren’t filling up your dating profile with negativity that could, ultimately, turn off the very men you’re trying to attract.

Online dating is a great way to meet people, but it’s not perfect. So accept the fact that not every single person will be right for you. Also, accept the fact that some men will hit on you no matter what you say. So, be realistic. You can’t turn off all the wrong matches. The trick is to discourage as many as you can without turning off the right ones.

4) Say it in a positive way. Let’s use the example again of wanting a fit man. Rather than say you don’t want overweight men, simply say that you love fitness and want someone who’s as into it as you.  What if you don’t want someone unemployed? Then say that you’re ideal partner is a working professional.

It’s not difficult to put a positive spin on your needs.

Question for you.

When it comes to your online dating experiences, what’s the one thing that can make you want to go on a rant? Mine is when men write emails that basically only say “Hi”. So annoying!

Can’t think of anything good to say?

Hire me. With years of experience in advertising, I’m adept at putting a positive spin on presentations. Plus, I’ll write your profile in a way that sounds like you (only better!).

Check out my services (from phone consultations to total profile makeovers) and my online dating profile samples, then get started with the personality questionnaire. Once you’ve completed it, send your answers to me. I’m positive you’ll love what I can do with them!


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