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An online dating blog about hoodies, Geraldo and hope.

I write ads. I write dating profiles. I also write a blog that incorporates both. I once had a cat who would hide his face and assume that, because he couldn’t see you, you couldn’t see him.  Given that my little guy’s intellect was designed for his needs, I didn’t expect the kind of critical thinking that I might expect from ohhhh…say…an attorney, author and award-winning journalist like… oh, I don’t know – Geraldo Rivera. Yet, this well-educated, globe-trotting reporter… read more

Kate Houston on LA’s the “Gentlemen’s Club” podcast.

Fun clip on online dating with comedians Hammer and Bacon. You can hear them at

Kate Houston on CHQR Radio.

Short clip with quick tips on writing your online dating profile.

Kate Houston on the Dr. Laurie show.

Short clip from the popular Dr. Laurie relationship show.

Kate Houston on air with Dr. Laurie.

Short clip of Kate’s hour long show with Dr. Laurie.