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I once had a cat who would hide his face and assume that, because he couldn’t see you, you couldn’t see him.  Given that my little guy’s intellect was designed for his needs, I didn’t expect the kind of critical thinking that I might expect from ohhhh…say…an attorney, author and award-winning journalist like… oh, I don’t know – Geraldo Rivera.

Yet, this well-educated, globe-trotting reporter reasoned that the following advice not only made sense, it made sense to suggest it on national television, here goes:

I am urging parents of black and Latino youngsters not to let their children go out in hoodies. The hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death as George Zimmerman was.

I have to wonder – how will anyone know that, underneath my hoodie, is an old white girl whose biggest threat to others is that I play Celine Dion (but only sometimes!).


In other news related to race, irrational thinking and lack of appropriate accountability – it’s been discovered that a heart medication called Propranolol may cure racism.  Between hoodies and brain programming, I guess hate crimes are nobody’s fault.

All this talk of race has inspired a blog about color – its positive aspects.

Can anything good come from interracial marriage?

Lenny Kravitz…hummmm. Obama….hummm. And for the guys, Halle Berry. This article in the LA Examiner explains the many benefits of interracial coupling, not least of which is learning just how similar two seemingly different people are.

For a truly fascinating article that also touches on some serious history, I highly suggest reading about some of the more newsworthy interracial marriages in history. For instance, Sammy Davis Jr., a famous black entertainer, was being threatened by the mob because of his engagement to a white woman. Frank Sinatra ended up intervening! Or, more importantly, how one couple’s marriage led to state laws being overturned.

























Red. The pull and the power.























When I heard about Gerry Rivera’s outrageous advice, I saw red. Unbeknowst to me, red triggers something deep and biologically ingrained in women (in my case, aggression). A study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology determined that red makes men appear more powerful and more likely to achieve status in the eyes of women. This in turn makes men in red pretty peachy.

According to another study, a woman wearing red sends a pretty powerful message to men and it’s not “put the toilet seat down”. After all, this photo of a half-naked Lois Lane lying on a bed wouldn’t be hot at all if she was lying half-naked on black satin sheets or even pink.























To a man it’s purple. To a woman it’s…






















Grape, plum, mauve – women describe color in detail whereas men keep it simple. There’s news. This article on techi shows us that, when it comes to gender, it’s not all charcoal black and titanium white (I’m such a female!).























The psychology of color.




















This article on the pychological properties of color is interesting. It gives positive and negative attributes associated to a variety of colors.

For instance, the right yellow can lift our spirits whereas the wrong yellow could be suicide. To demonstrate, I’ve included a lovely photo of Hermain Cain.





















Advertising and people of color.





















I happened upon a great series of articles about race in advertising. It’s a good read. For instance, this ad for building a better resume uses an Asian man because they’re perceived to be good worker.  Basically, the series discusses everything from how ads leverage racial stereotypes to using race to trigger the idea of human diversity.

By the way, profile photos – like ads – can be used to project subtle cues and messages.

For instance, if you love the outdoors, post a picture of yourself outside. If you love the finer things, dress up and post a picture outside the theatre. Though your photo should focus on you, adding visual clues will attract like-minded people.

Still, when competing with millions of singles dating online, your photo is only half the battle. You also need a great online dating profile, which is where my services come in. No one is better trained to make singles dating online stand out from the competition.

Check out my samples of online dating profiles and LinkedIn profiles, and see for yourself. Better still, get started with the personality quiz. It’s the first step to a great online dating profile. The second  is to hire me. Also, if you like what you’ve read, then please join me on Twitter and  Facebook page.





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