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Online dating profile tips for men and women.

Today I’m featuring the online dating profiles of a man and a woman. Both have made a profile writing mistake that I’ve mentioned in previous posts. I’m addressing it again because I see it frequently. I’m always available for consultations, which is a cost-effective way to get real value. but, if you can’t hire me to help you write your dating profile then, hopefully by showing examples of mistakes, you can avoid making them yourself. From the dating profile of… read more

Writing your online dating profile. A how-to guide especially for men.

If you’re a single guy and having trouble filling out your online dating profile, then this blog will help. I’m ad writer so I’m trained to write persuasive copy with a positive spin. I’m also a profile writer who offers insights (and services) to help single men and women stand out in the competitive environment of online dating. Check out my online dating profile samples and see. Men are brilliant at evading life-threatening questions like, “does this make me look fat”. They… read more

Are men the new dumb blondes?

I write ads. I write dating profiles. I also write LinkedIn profiles. As such, I follow sites like, which offers solid advice to working women. The other day, it featured an interesting article discussing the wisdom of including a passion for your career on your dating profile. My advice was quoted, as was expert advice of others. Here are some of their insights: For men, attraction does not come from watching a woman succeed. Include the industry you work… read more

Kate Houston on The Guy Show.

Short clip of the popular call-in show that gives advice on all things “men”.