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Online dating and deep crimson red flags.

Some online dating profiles are the literary equivalent of Scandal. There’s drama, anger, betrayal, intrigue, even surprise confessions. Today I read the dating profile of a woman who proudly asserted that she keyed her ex’s car. She added “lol” after that admission. I admit these are delicious reads. Lunacy often is. That said, red flags aren’t usually so obvious. Most have more subtle (though no less disquieting) clues. Here are my top six red flags of online dating. If you… read more

Online dating profiles and catfish tales.

  The number one tip to avoid catfishing? Read on, you’ll be hooked. I was on two talk shows recently and both addressed online dating and catfishing (here’s an edited version with solid dating safety advice). For those unfamiliar with the term, a catfish is someone who posts a fake online dating profile and fools interested parties hook, line and sinker (oh come on, someone had to say it). It’s been the subject of a movie and an MTV show. In addition,… read more

Online dating and safety.

People hear bad stories about online dating then assume that it’s unsafe and filled with perverts. Fact is, everyone has had a bad date whether they met online or not. This is not just an online phenomenon. If you think about it, there are horror stories about everything from restaurants to hotel bed sheets (sorry) but we overcome, right? Consider this: when you take up online dating, you know you’re dealing with strangers. As such and thankfully, most of us… read more