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Online dating profiles and lessons learned from lip syncing.

Online Dating Profiles & Lessons from Lip Syncing

Does your online dating profile need a wrecking ball? I’m a big fan of celebrity lip syncing battles. They’re funny, creative and memorable. I doubt I’ll ever forget Anne Hathaway’s, Wrecking Ball, any time soon (or that finger). What else do I think lip sync battles are? Inspiring. How? Because they teach us three big lessons about marketing ourselves. Want to write a great online dating profile? Then take a cue from these comedians. 1. Dust off your dating profile and make… read more

How to write a dating profile. Tips for Dec. 16, 2013.

I found an online dating profile today on okCupid. I’ve selected it because it has an opener that has been poorly thought out and needs to be addressed. By featuring excerpts as I do and then offering suggestions on how they could be improved, I hope to make it easier for you to see mistakes that you too might be making when writing your online dating profile. From the profile of a 32-year old woman. I work a lot. So… read more