Online dating profiles and lessons learned from lip syncing.

Does your online dating profile need a wrecking ball?

I’m a big fan of celebrity lip syncing battles. They’re funny, creative and memorable. I doubt I’ll ever forget Anne Hathaway’s, Wrecking Ball, any time soon (or that finger).

What else do I think lip sync battles are? Inspiring. How? Because they teach us three big lessons about marketing ourselves.

Want to write a great online dating profile? Then take a cue from these comedians.

1. Dust off your dating profile and make it fresh.

I see a lot of the same old pitches in online dating profiles. Men let you know  they aren’t comfortable talking about themselves. Women make it clear they love to laugh. Everyone is close to their family and friends. Last but not least, everyone likes to go out as much as they like to stay in.

I see a lot of cliches on dating profiles. I’ve also read a lot of dating blogs telling singles not to use cliches. But what if those points (however mundane) matter to you and you do, in fact, want them on your dating profile.

What then?

Say them. Just say them in a fresh way.

For instance, instead of the cliche, “I like going to bars as much as I like a Friday night at home”, be more specific so that each pastime becomes unique to you. As an example:

I’m often torn between suffering anxiety attacks throughout an episode of Game of Thrones and getting my heart rate pumping on the dance floor.

If lip syncers and Girl Talk can revamp old songs with a fresh spin (no pun intended…okay, alright, it was intended!), then you too can take a typical description and make it unique. That one change alone will increase the interest level of your dating profile.

2. Do something different.

It sounds as though lesson number 2 is similar to lesson number 1. However, this time, I don’t just mean do something different on your dating profile – I mean do something different period.

The best way to stimulate creativity and start seeing the world in a fresh way is by letting go of routine.

I’m not suggesting that you turn your life into chaos. I do, however, suggest that you embrace novelty.

This can take the form of simply walking somewhere via a different route or doing something that takes you out of your comfort zone – it can be in a big way or just a small way. Going too far out of your comfort zone could result in you snapping right back even further than when you began (like a turtle that slowly sticks its head out only to have it quickly hide back under its shell).

I recommend that you make a mindful commitment to doing something (ideally every day) that you wouldn’t normally do.

I had a friend, Melissa, who was really whimsical. It was her nature. When she died, I added “Melissa’s Day” to my calendar on the first of every month to remind me to capture that spirit.

So, do visit a museum you wouldn’t usually be interested in. Dress up a little more than you would usually. Do a bit of lip syncing of your own, on your own, just for fun.

Or, go all out. Ben Aaron, a producer and presenter for NBC was shooting a segment on the streets of NYC when a guy “danced by” him. The interaction inspired Ben to to the same.

It also inspired me.

I went out with my music and began shaking it along a lagoon in my neighborhood. I felt like an idiot. I kind of looked like one too (and I wasn’t even as exuberant as Aaron or his muse). Mostly though, I felt brave and really proud of myself. It did an enormous amount for my self-confidence and creativity – two huge benefits when it comes to writing your online dating profile.

3. Be competitive – especially when online dating!

Too often, single men and women go on dating sites like and, especially, on very social sites like okCupid, and they forget that, while the objective is to find love, one of the biggest methods to do so is by being competitive!

So, before you write a trivial dating profile or send a glib email, think competitively.

Look your best. However casual you may be, nevertheless dress with taste. Fix your hair. Take a good profile picture.

Write a dating profile with thought and care. Start off with a strong opener (check out my online dating samples for inspiration) that grabs attention and makes the reader smile and want to read more.

Send emails that actually engage. Be strategic in your approach. Remember, online dating is about connecting so connect over similarities and shared interests. Or, be unique and connect over playful differences.

Here’s a short blog with a few tips on writing that first email (I’ll write write a more thorough one down the road).

 Best advice about writing your online dating profile.

Hire me for a consultation. Fifteen minutes later your dating profile will be vastly improve. Or, simply hire me to write it. Check out my services. 

By the way, the other day I came across this video by SketchSHE. I loved it immediately.  The three women are like a combination of Jimmy Fallon and Girl Talk!

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