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How a gym ad can help you write a strong online dating profile.

Online dating profiles inspired by a great gym ad.

If you want a successful online dating profile – or any online profile, for that matter – then deconstruct an ad. After all, marketers are experts at getting a message across in a way that reaches an objective. And, the point of an online profile is, in fact, to reach a goal whether it’s finding love or finding a job. Today, we’ll analyze this ad by Publicis Ambience Advertising in Chennai, India and address two techniques that makes it effective:… read more

Online dating profiles and lessons learned from lip syncing.

Online Dating Profiles & Lessons from Lip Syncing

Does your online dating profile need a wrecking ball? I’m a big fan of celebrity lip syncing battles. They’re funny, creative and memorable. I doubt I’ll ever forget Anne Hathaway’s, Wrecking Ball, any time soon (or that finger). What else do I think lip sync battles are? Inspiring. How? Because they teach us three big lessons about marketing ourselves. Want to write a great online dating profile? Then take a cue from these comedians. 1. Dust off your dating profile and make… read more

How a bad pun can make a great dating profile.

I read this profile on POF and was pretty impressed with it. A lot can be improved (I’d have suggested my Most Popular service where I keep the foundation, but add other great touches). However, there were some very good aspects. I’ve italicized some of the excerpts followed by my critique. I like spending as much time as I can outdoors – preferably by a large body of water. I do yoga, go hiking, read books, try to not suck at… read more

3 big online dating profile mistakes women make (and how to fix them).

When I was online dating I saw a lot of online dating profile mistakes that men make. Now that I write profiles for others though, I find myself regularly reading the dating profiles of both men and women.As such, I catch a number of mistakes that my beloved gender makes. Here are the top three and how to correct them. 1) Shots of you and all your friends. Many women post too many photos of themselves surrounded by their girlfriends.… read more

Dear Online Dater: I think you found the love of your life – and it’s you.

Tall, dark, handsome and intelligent man looking for compatible partner. People who meet me always tell me I’m beautiful but, what you can’t tell from looking at me, is that I’m beautiful on the inside too. Those lines you just read?  I actually saw them on a dating site I scanned the other day. Both dating profiles were tremendously appealing, but probably only to me and for all the wrong reasons. I love bad marketing. It gives me private self-satisfied… read more

Why more singles dating online need Botox (could you be next?).

Because I write this dating blog, I read a lot of online dating profiles. Doing so helps me identify topics of interest. Over time though, I’ve begun to notice a familiar pattern that occurs on my forehead. It’s the brow furrow. It happens often. It occurs to me that, if I get it, then singles dating online – who read countless online dating profiles and often at one sitting – must be getting it too. So what’s the solution? Three… read more

When bad dating profiles provide a good sleep.

There’s really nothing like an online dating profile that makes you sleepy. I found one today on Plenty of Fish that had a very common – and very boring –  online dating profile writing mistake. Here’s an excerpt from it. Try to stay awake for the critique that follows. If you can’t hire me to help you write your online dating profile, then hopefully the insights here will help you when it comes time for you to write your own.… read more

How to ruin your chances at online dating without saying a word.

I saw the online dating profile by a man whose words made my eye twitch. On one hand he wrote, “If I describe myself here what will we have to talk about?”. On the other hand he followed with, “let’s meet for dinner and good conversation.” Really? Does someone actually think that, by not filling out their dating profile, they can sell others on the promise of being a good conversationalist? 3 more reasons why “Want to know just ask” is… read more

Online dating profiles and moving targets.

Oh did I ever find an online dating profile mistake worth addressing! This excerpt features one of the biggest online dating profile writing mistakes ever. I see it often and it’s wrong for so many reasons. Here goes: From the online dating profile of a 32-year old woman. I’m a pretty cool person. I am a good friend. If you know me then you know who I am and what I’m all about. I can be loud and funny, but… read more

Online Dating Profiles. Naughty and Nice Edition.

Merry Christmas! Today I bring you two online dating profile tips inspired by the holidays.  The first is a valuable tip on posting your online dating profile photo. The other addresses writing your online dating profile. Don’t post online dating photos of you being naughty. Wear clothes, not bath towels. If you must wear bath towels, wear clothes beneath them. That you’ve just come out of the shower does not make this any less inappropriate. Photos of you drunk and… read more