How a gym ad can help you write a strong online dating profile.

Online dating profiles inspired by a great gym ad.

Radiant Gym ad

If you want a successful online dating profile – or any online profile, for that matter – then deconstruct an ad.

After all, marketers are experts at getting a message across in a way that reaches an objective. And, the point of an online profile is, in fact, to reach a goal whether it’s finding love or finding a job.

Today, we’ll analyze this ad by Publicis Ambience Advertising in Chennai, India and address two techniques that makes it effective: 1) simplicity 2) easy retention.

The simpler, the better online dating profile.

Like all good ads, this one is simple from the words to the visuals. As such, the message is focused and uncomplicated.

I’ve seen dating profiles that are chaotic. They go from one topic to another then back again, then off they go again only to revisit an old topic. There’s no flow or sense of organization.

In short, there’s no simplicity or focus.

Instead of throwing everything you want to say into one big mess, organize your online dating profile in simple chunks of thought.

For instance, stay on the topic of activities in one paragraph. Once you’ve written a little about that, then create a new paragraph that addresses its own individual topic.

Organizing your online dating profile with concise and focused information will make for a more enjoyable read.

In addition, your information will be easy to retain.

The easier to retain, the more memorable your online dating profile.

Having an online dating profile that’s easy to retain is of major importance when you’re marketing yourself in the highly competitive environment of online dating.

Why? Because singles read a lot dating profiles at one sitting.

Ensuring that yours is easy to grasp and retain means that it will have a fighting chance of remaining top of mind by a reader. In other words, even after the person has logged out, your information – if simple and focused enough – will be memorable.

Oh, and if you want to make it truly memorable, then hire me for a consultation or for one of my two online dating profile writing services.

Lastly, don’t confuse simplicity with scarcity. You still need to fill out your online dating profile and give potential dates reasons to find you appealing.







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