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How a gym ad can help you write a strong online dating profile.

Online dating profiles inspired by a great gym ad.

If you want a successful online dating profile – or any online profile, for that matter – then deconstruct an ad. After all, marketers are experts at getting a message across in a way that reaches an objective. And, the point of an online profile is, in fact, to reach a goal whether it’s finding love or finding a job. Today, we’ll analyze this ad by Publicis Ambience Advertising in Chennai, India and address two techniques that makes it effective:… read more

How to stay positive on your online dating profile.

It’s not unusual for me to find poorly crafted dating profiles on free sites. I suspect that, when its free, people feel they don’t have much to lose if they don’t try too hard. Still, free or not, if you’re going to put yourself out there, you may as well do it properly.  Today I’m featuring a woman’s dating profile that I found on okCupid. It has one big glaring mistake that many people make (though not quite to this… read more