The 1st of 5 tips on writing your Dear Birth Parent letter.

baby sleepingOver the years I’ve come to realize that marketing techniques can be applied to countless situations where people need to connect with others.

As an ad writer turned profile writer, I use these techniques specifically on dating profiles, LinkedIn profiles and adoption profiles.

However different these profiles may seem to be, they all share one essential marketing “must have” and that is – each one requires a strong opener to engage a reader right from the start.

This is true of your Dear Birth Parent letter as well.

Craft a unique and engaging opener.

A strong opener gives you the greatest opportunity to pique the interest of s birth parent and connect with her. Keep in mind that birth parents read a lot of letters. So, to truly stand out among the “competition” (it’s crass I know, but there’s truth to it), you need to captivate and engage the parent immediately.

The best way to do that is to be unique. If you look at sample Birth Parent letters, many of them begin in one of two ways:

1) They thank the birth parent for taking the time to read the letter

2) They acknowledge the birth parent’s courage

These are both good topics to address. However – and as a for instance – instead of acknowledging how brave a birth parent is, you can start with a short personal anecdote that demonstrates your understanding of that courage. Maybe you’ve shown similar resolve in a situation that would resonate with the birth parent and inspire an immediate kinship?

On that note, you could also start with an anecdote that addresses a value or philosophy that would be dear to a birth parent. You can save thanking her and addressing her courage for the end of your letter.

In other words, take the time to think of a strong opener and not one that everyone else is doing.

A final note about writing your Dear Birth Parent Letter

It’s not easy for anyone to write their own story and it’s especially difficult when so much is at stake. Instead of worrying about how well you market yourself, take the pressure off by considering my writing services for adoptive parents.

All the best to you.





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