The 4th of 5 tips on writing your Dear Birth Parent letter.

baby sleepingI’ve spent most of my career writing ads.

I launched this service when I realized that online dating profiles, LinkedIn profiles and adoption profiles all have a greater chance of being successful when marketing techniques are applied to them.

The same holds true for Dear Birth Parent letters.

Of course you letter will be driven by far more emotion than any advertising. Still, its objective is similar and that is to pique the interest of your “audience”.

This is the 4th of 5 tips  to writing your Dear Birth Parent letter by applying basic marketing techniques.

 Keep it honest.

I know it’s surprising to hear honesty associated to marketing. However, good advertisers not only don’t want to disappoint – they also want to sound credible.

Too good to be true loses a person’s trust. So craft your Dear Birth Parent letter accordingly.

I read a lot of articles suggesting that you keep your narrative positive. To a degree that’s true. However, at some point you’ll need to address the reason why you want to adopt. For many people, infertility is behind the decision and for many of these couples the journey here has had some emotional hardship.

You need to be honest about this. Address your grief. However, do so with finesse. After all, while you may not be able to have children, these parents are going to face that moment when they give their child hope. I just can’t imagine the pain.

So do mention your pain. Be real and honest. More importantly though, be sure to end the brief mention by assuring the birth parent that, in fact, your difficulties were a blessing in disguise.  End on a positive note. She needs to know that adopting isn’t a “second best” choice for you. Rather, it’s a miracle in itself.

Another area where honesty is essential is with regard to the promises you make. Can you honestly promise total openness?  Can you honestly say that you’ll write letters and send pictures regularly for years to come?

Be true to what you can manage no matter how tempting it is to promise the world. After all, you’ll have to be true to your word for a lifetime.

A final note about writing your Dear Birth Parent Letter.

Some people experience crippling anxiety when it come to writing their Dear Birth Parent letters and profiles. There’s just so much at stake. Instead you can always take the pressure off by considering my writing services for adoptive parents.

Whatever you do, I wish you all the best.



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