Top 3 Online Dating Tips Gleaned From Mitt Romney

Because my background is ad writing, I tend to take creative approach to everything. That’s why I can write online dating profiles that aren’t filled with tired clichés (check out my online dating profile samples and see for yourself).

I also find inspiration from creative or, rather, “unique” sources.

For instance, the inspiration for today’s blog is none other than Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney –  you know, the guy who Lindsay Lohan and Ted Nugent support?

Yes, him.

I’ve realized that, if you dig deep enough into Mitt’s wisdoms, single men and women who are dating online could fair pretty well.  For instance:

The importance of oxygen.

According to Romney, planes should have windows that open just in case you need oxygen. Granted, looking for a “breath of fresh air” while flying at 35,000 feet is probably not ideal, but looking for it on a dating site is a good suggestion (thanks Mitt, you’re the greatest!). Instead of going after all the “hottest” matches, go for the people whose profiles are unique.

Not concerning yourself with the poor.

To some, Mitt’s callous disregard for people in need may seem like the narcissistic delusion of a man who thinks being privileged makes him accomplished. Still, there’s wisdom to his ruthlessness where online dating is concerned. For instance, someone may appear rich with superficial appeal. However, if after a few emails you might notice that they’re sorely lacking depth, then exercise other choices.

Looking for people in binders

According to Mitt, he searched for competent women and found a binder filled with them. Odd place to find people but still there’s nugget of wisdom in the words. That is – good people can be found in unusual places. So be open minded with your search criteria and broaden some of your parameters.

On a final and serious note, finding love is one of life’s the most rewarding experiences. So increase your odds by presenting yourself in the most positive light possible. To do that, write your dating profile in a way that celebrates your unique qualities. Better still, let me. I use all your words and anecdotes so that it’s a true representation of you – and not of me – then I put it all together in a positive and persuasive way so that you stand out.

See for yourself. Check out my online dating profile samples or go straight to the online personality quiz.  Submit the answers to me and you’ll be amazed at what I can do.


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