Online dating profiles. How to prevent casseroles from becoming asseroles.

chicken-casseroles-8“I love playing porker with the guys”, claimed a big, burly straight man on his dating profile.

“Can you say insercure”, wrote the angry female on her dating profile.

“I do a great asserole”, boasted another single dating online.


We all make typos here and there. I once had a helpful “fan of trysweettalk” send me a slew of typos that he found in my blogs because he recognized the importance of a clean presentation.

Are typos the end of the world? No. However, they can end any chance of being taken seriously.

Imagine that someone has been looking through countless photos and actually stops at yours. That person then begins to read your dating profile with interest only to have their attention completely diverted by something that makes you sound a silly.

Even typos that are fairly negligible still make your presentation look sloppy. Going onto a dating site and posting a profile with a typo is like going out on date with a stain on your clothing.

Typos themselves may not seem significant, but their consequences can be. So I’m going to give you a proofreading tip that can prevent them.

Proofreading tip to prevent typos on your dating profile.

When I first began in advertising I wrote a print ad that ended up being published with a typo. The cost to have that fixed was shocking. To prevent ever making that mistake again, I learned a great proofreading trick (which, admittedly, I don’t do with my blogs so practice what I preach not what I do!):

Start by reading each word one at a time backward. This keeps your brain from naturally reading ahead and ensures that your focus stays on each individual word.

Once you’ve done that, read your profile aloud from start to finish to make sure that you didn’t forget a word anywhere.

For the perfect online dating profile.

Make no mistake, maximize the marketing opportunity that is your dating profile by hiring me to write it on your behalf.

First I ask questions to uncover your most interesting anecdotes. Then I take your best answers, as well as your own words and expressions, to craft a dynamic dating profile that actually sounds like you.

Check out my online dating samples and see for yourself or just get started by completing the personality questionnaire and sending your answers to me. It’s the easiest way to avoid mistakes and increase your chances of online dating success.

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