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When great lives make bad dating profiles.

I read the online dating profile of a 43-year old woman today. It felt like the literary equivalent of a smiley face – happy, but lacking in substance. Here’s an excerpt: I have a great job, great kids, great outlook on life and a great sense of humour. I love to do things and enjoy everything I can. She uses “great” so many times that she sounds like Jessica, the Daily Affirmation girl – who’s really cute, but also just… read more

3 online dating profile mistakes women make and how to fix them.

When I was online dating I saw a lot of online dating profile mistakes that men make. Now that I write profiles for others though, I find myself regularly reading the dating profiles of women. As such, I catch a number of mistakes that my beloved gender makes. Here are the top three and how to correct them. 1) Shots of you and all your friends. Many women post too many photos of themselves surrounded by their girlfriends. There are… read more

Anyone still looking for Waldo? ‘Cause I think he’s online dating.

I just finished reading a number of online dating profiles that were so generic not one stood out. As an ad writer whose purpose is to make people get noticed, this prompted me to provide the following online dating profile writing tip: If you want to get noticed in the competitive environment of online dating, then you need to be different from everyone else. Contrary to the social norms by which we usually abide, online dating requires that you stand… read more

If life is so short why did you write a 972-word dating profile?

I just read an online dating profile that started with “life is short”. It then spent nearly 1,000 words proving this to be a false claim. As one who read every single word, time did not pass quickly. Most singles don’t ramble to that extent on their dating profiles. However, many do ramble and for too long. Here are two tips to prevent that mistake: 1) Keep the About Me to about 250 words and no more than 300. If… read more

Online dating profiles. How to prevent casseroles from becoming asseroles.

“I love playing porker with the guys”, claimed a big, burly straight man on his dating profile. “Can you say insercure”, wrote the angry female on her dating profile. “I do a great asserole”, boasted another single dating online.   We all make typos here and there. I once had a helpful “fan of trysweettalk” send me a slew of typos that he found in my blogs because he recognized the importance of a clean presentation. Are typos the end… read more

Why incomplete sentences on dating profiles speak volumes.

Sometimes I find dating profiles that are outrageous. I usually compile them and create a blog for my “Online Dating. The Agony.” series. This time though I’m featuring an excerpt of a man’s dating profile that, however over the top it is, nevertheless has elements worth critiquing so that you can learn from it when putting together your own. From the dating profile of a 55-year old man. kind,warm,humorus,romantic,loveable,energetic,honest, for bowling,cooking,watching,good,movies,snuggling,dinner,dancing,watching,music,concerts.a hug, a kiss, have a great day , today… read more

Online dating profiles that work.

I was scanning online dating profiles on Plenty of Fish and actually found one that I don’t mind. It’s not interesting enough, but it has an approach that I think is commendable. What I’ve done is taken an excerpt and followed it with my critique so that you can understand what’s working and perhaps try to emulate it yourself. From the dating profile of a 33-year old man. Down to earth, not materialistic, I enjoy everyday of like it was… read more

Men’s Online Dating Profiles. Tips for Dec.9, 2013

I visited Plenty of Fish today and read a number of men’s dating profiles. I found one that was friendly and positive throughout, but wasn’t engaging enough. By providing you with an excerpt and my critique, hopefully it will prevent you from making the same mistakes. Women can benefit from this critique as well because it applies to women’s online dating profiles too. The mistakes here are pretty common and not gender-specific. From the dating profile of a 37-year old guy.… read more