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POFI was scanning online dating profiles on Plenty of Fish and actually found one that I don’t mind. It’s not interesting enough, but it has an approach that I think is commendable. What I’ve done is taken an excerpt and followed it with my critique so that you can understand what’s working and perhaps try to emulate it yourself.

From the dating profile of a 33-year old man.

Down to earth, not materialistic, I enjoy everyday of like it was the last. I love music and will sing anytime, anywhere (like it or not, lol). I also love going for a swim at the local community center first thing in the morning. It just starts my day right. I also like street hockey, basketball and tennis.

My critique.

I definitely think that this profile can be more dynamic and I have no doubt that he has what it takes to make it so. However, I have to say that I am thrilled to see that he adds little personal touches to his interests – the “like it or not” is cute. I also love that he adds “first thing in the morning” to swimming.

These little specifics make a common interest more unique. So, big points for him.

For the best online dating profile.

Though I genuinely believe that this man uses some techniques that makes his approach better than others, the overall profile could be much more engaging. It’s not easy to do though. I’m both an writer and online dating profile writer. That’s what I’m good at, so let me do the work for you!

I know all the marketing techniques to make your profile compelling and persuasive. Plus, I ask questions that help me uncover some of your more interesting anecdotes. Better yet, I use your answers and words to craft your dating profile so that’s it’s an honest reflection of you.

Check out my online dating samples and see for yourself or just get started by completing the personality questionnaire and sending your answers to me. You’ll be amazed at what I can do with them.

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