If life is so short why did you write a 972-word dating profile?

shortI just read an online dating profile that started with “life is short”. It then spent nearly 1,000 words proving this to be a false claim. As one who read every single word, time did not pass quickly.

Most singles don’t ramble to that extent on their dating profiles. However, many do ramble and for too long.

Here are two tips to prevent that mistake:

1) Keep the About Me to about 250 words and no more than 300. If you’re a woman, be ruthless with your editing and try not to let your dating profile be any longer than 280 words. Both men and women scan, but men do it more consistently.

If you’re on okCupid or sites that have other sections beyond the primary “About Me” section, then keep those pithy.

2) Don’t assume short copy eliminates rambling. It doesn’t. All it does is ensure that boring copy won’t go on forever. I’ve seen a lot of concise dating profiles ramble on about not knowing what to write, or relying on a depersonalized list of interests.

It makes me wish a meme would pop up and scare the bejeezus out of me, which is saying a lot given that I once suffered from PTSD.

So, keep it short and interesting with a strong opener, a few key pastimes accompanied by some light-hearted anecdotes, as well as one or two quirky admissions that make you sound approachable.

Here are two blog posts that better explain what I mean: Online Dating And Lovable Quirksas well as Online Dating Profiles And The Beauty of Imperfection.

For an online dating profile that is fun to read.

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