Dating profiles and silent nights.

I once went on a blind date with a man who I was told would be perfect for me.  According to friends, he was handsome, intelligent and sociable. We even shared several interests from advertising to art.

I met said handsome, intelligent, sociable and perfect man in a bar. We greeted each other with big smiles then made small talk that never, and I mean, never went anywhere.

We spent most of the night grappling for conversation.

In truth, he was everything everyone said he would be. However, we never had a chance to break the ice a little before meeting. As such, even though we were both social people, we had the hardest time connecting.

This brings me to online dating and the importance of allowing the process to unfold. With the holiday season approaching, more singles are going online in the hope of finding dates, if not soul mates. As such, I strongly suggest you do everything you can to avoid an awkward, silent night like mine – unless it’s a comfortable silence.

Avoid the wrong kind of silent nights.

As an online dating profile writer (check the samples of my online dating profiles), I find myself scanning random dating profiles all the time. Often I see dating profiles that say nothing more than “If you want to know, just ask”.

If you don’t fill out a dating profile with some substantial information, then you give no one any reason to contact you or any angle to leverage when trying to strike up an exchange.

In short, you make it very difficult for anyone to contact you. Given my background in advertising (feel free to view my bio), I can tell you that this breaks a cardinal rule of marketing and that is:

If you have an offer, then make it easy for people to take you up on that offer.

When you become a member of an online dating site and you post a dating profile, then that constitutes an offer, no matter how glib.

There’s another important part of the online dating process that gets overlooked, as well, and that’s emailing. I regularly see dating profiles that assert, “I’m not into endless emails”.

I understand not wanting to keep the relationship online for weeks on end. However, I do know that too many people are too quick to take it offline.  Here’s why emails are important, they:

1) are a safety measure that allow you a greater chance of determining a match’s credibility

2) are sources for ice breakers

3) minimize the awkwardness that can occur as initial conversations try to gain ground

You can’t create a spark with two dull matches.

Everyone talks about the importance of chemistry. Yet, no matter how good looking your potential match is, be sure to break the ice with emails and get the flow going smoothly before you meet. Otherwise, the spark, the energy and the flow may never happen.

For more details, I suggest reading, “Online dating and the top 3 reasons why emails matter.”

On a final note Finding love is one of greatest gifts ever, let alone during the holiday season. So if you’re serious about finding your soulmate online, then get expert help. Check out my online dating profile samples for more insights or just go straight to the online personality quiz then submit the answers to me. You’ll be amazed at what I can do with them!



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