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Ann Coulter has nice hair and how that can improve your online dating profile.

A little while ago, Anne Coulter not only used the word “retard”, she actually criticized the word police for creating a stir over it. When her venom became news, as it usually does, my personal Facebook page filled with long threads of contempt her. At one point, I wrote, “She has nice hair”. I was being facetious, of course. I couldn’t care less about her hair. In truth, I think she’s sociopathic, white collar trash who uses her significant intelligence… read more

Dating profiles and silent nights.

I once went on a blind date with a man who I was told would be perfect for me.  According to friends, he was handsome, intelligent and sociable. We even shared several interests from advertising to art. I met said handsome, intelligent, sociable and perfect man in a bar. We greeted each other with big smiles then made small talk that never, and I mean, never went anywhere. We spent most of the night grappling for conversation. In truth, he… read more

Write a dating profile that ends holiday dating disasters.

As the holiday season approaches, more singles are dating online with the hope of meeting potential mates – or at least, dates – for all the upcoming holiday parties. Without properly vetting out wrong matches, these seasonal social occasions can turn into the bleakest of white Christmases. How then do you write your online dating profile that attracts the right matches while weeding out the wrong ones?  By identifying the kind of matches you want and making clear that you’re… read more

How an 86-year salesman can improve your online dating profile.

I keep a book in my office. It’s a soft cover, so it’s not very expensive. It’s designed with bright primary colors, so it’s not especially refined. It’s also about 25 years, so it’s not in the best of shape. Nevertheless, it’s one of the most life-changing books I’ve ever read. It’s called “See You at the Top” and it’s written by my hero, Zig Ziglar, who died last week at the age of 86. Zig was an author, a… read more

How to write a great online dating profile.

I spent most of my professional life as an ad writer. As such, I became better and better at convincing consumers not only to buy a particular product, but to pick that product over another one. Now, as an online dating profile writer, I use that same persuasive writing to make online dating profiles get picked over the competition too (check out my online dating profile samples and see the difference ad writing makes). Hopefully, by sharing my marketing techniques… read more

Online dating and the biggest mistake men make.

As an online dating profile writer, I’m privy to what men and women are looking for in a partner.  I’ve noticed that men, more often than women, tend to be the most unrealistic when it comes to selecting a match. As such, a lot of men feel that online dating is a bust. Truthfully, a lot of factors affect success when online dating – everything from who’s online when you are to the ratio of men and women in your… read more

Best Travel Dating Site for singles

This is a paid post by a friend of mine in the UK. I rarely sell my blog space, but  I’ve worked with him previously and I know that he offers a good product with integrity. Online dating covers many genres these days, and most of those dating sites have been reviewed and discussed on blogs, forums and advertisements. One dating site genre which has not yet been discussed in great details is the travel dating site! There have always… read more

Best online dating profile writing tips.

I’m a seasoned ad writer. I also write online dating profiles that leverage everything I know about marketing. The combination makes me uniquely skilled to craft online dating profiles that stand out (see samples of my online dating profiles.) The two most important things in life are finding love and finding a job. Yet, most people don’t put anywhere near the effort into their dating profiles as they do into their LinkedIn profiles. So, if you’re serious about finding love online, but can’t… read more

Best online dating profiles.

I’ve been an ad writer for years and have worked on some pretty impressive campaigns. I’ve also transferred these skills to writing online dating profiles for clients (check out the samples of my online dating profiles) savvy enough to know that online dating is competitive and we can all use expert help (even me – I never used to write my own dating profiles!).  With all this experience I’ve learned that the best online dating profiles share the following aspects:… read more

How to write a great online dating profile.

The two most important things in life are finding the job you want and finding the love you want. Yet, most people don’t take their dating profiles anywhere near as seriously as they take their LinkedIn profiles and resumes. I  know. I write both for a living. I also scan dating sites all time. In doing so, I see online dating profiles that are filled with nonsense. I’ve read endless narratives about weight loss, breakups and medication challenges. I even… read more