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I’ve been an ad writer for years and have worked on some pretty impressive campaigns. I’ve also transferred these skills to writing online dating profiles for clients (check out the samples of my online dating profiles) savvy enough to know that online dating is competitive and we can all use expert help (even me – I never used to write my own dating profiles!).  With all this experience I’ve learned that the best online dating profiles share the following aspects:

1) They have fantastic openers. They don’t start with a yawn (thanks for reading my profile), they start with something that grabs attention (Every night before I go to bed, I kiss ham and eggs – the kittens I rescued).

2) They’re just long enough to show an effort and be worthy of attention, but also short enough to keep a person’s attention. An online dating profile that’s too long can come across needy or self-centered, or just way too talkative in that “I can drone on so long that five minutes with me will prove that life is – in fact – not short.

3) They’re fearlessly individual. By that I mean, they are not dreadfully ambiguous. You know those profiles that say “I like all kinds of music, all kinds of activities, all kinds of movies” – without ever really saying what they really like? Or, my favorite – I can dress up or dress down. Really? Because I’m pretty sure anyone can do that. The best online dating profiles are unapologetically you – and not you fitting into the crowd.

You know what all the very best online dating profiles have in common? They’re filled with imperceptible, but brilliant, marketing techniques. I can spot a profile written by a marketing expert every time.

How about yours? Everyone can write, but can you market yourself?  Finding love is one of life’s most rewarding accomplishments. It’s also one of the most elusive. So get expert help. I’m trained to get you noticed. I also make sure to write a dating profile using all your words and anecdotes so that it’s a true representation of you. Still not sure – then consider this: successful people beat the odds by having a competitive advantage – and I’m that advantage.

See for yourself. Check out my online dating profile samples or go straight to the online personality quiz. It’s the first step to a great online dating profile because it uncovers  your most engaging and unique traits. Submit the answers to me and you’ll be amazed at what I can do with them!


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