How to go for gold in the competitive sport of online dating. The first of a 3-part series.

This isn’t the most romantic approach to online dating, but the results could lead to a lifetime of bliss (and less closet space…you know it’s true). Follow the next three blog posts for real marketing tips on how to beat your online dating competition.

images-1Post an irresistible dating photo (mug shots, though impossible not to look at, don’t count).

A lot goes into a great photo, but let’s cover the basics first: Men, put a shirt on (and I don’t mean an undershirt). Women, get out of your track pants (but do wear clothes).

Otherwise here are some general rules:

1) Post about 5 – 6 photos. Have one as a main profile picture and then have 4 or 5 others to support it. Too few might not inspire enough confidence in the viewer while too many can seem a bit desperate.

2) Hire a professional photographer for the main profile photo and for one or two others. That said – don’t pose. Make sure your photos look natural even if they’re professional taken. In addition, bring a change of outfits and in different settings.

3) Take a face shot, as well as a full body shot.

4) Dress casually (but nicely). Do your hair (men too!). Groom. In other words, do make an effort. Too many people go online and try not to look as though they’ve tried too hard. The result is that they don’t look as though they’ve tried too hard.

See how that works?

For more information on how to take the perfect online dating profile photo, have a look at my article, 10 top tips for great online dating photos.

Great ad technique to optimize the effectiveness of your dating profile photo:

5) Though your photos need to focus on you, it never hurts to add hidden cues in the background. For instance, if you like hiking, be sure to add a great shot of you hiking. If you love good wine, be sure to take an attractive photo of you on a wine tour. These little cues give quick hints about what you like.

Here’s another good read if you’d like more information:

What your online dating profile photo says about you.

One last tip before you go.

Hire me to help you with your online dating presentation. I ask a lot of good questions then I write a dating profile that uses your answers, anecdotes and even your expressions so that your dating profile is honest, as well as dynamic. I also help you pick five of your best photos. I can’t tell you how many people have difficulty being objective enough to choose the best ones.

Check out the samples online dating profiles I’ve written and see how I can help you improve yours. Or just get started with the personality questionnaire. It’s a great way to uncover what’s unique about you. Once you’ve completed it, send your answers to me and create a dating profile that’ll go the distance.

Check back in a few days for the second of three blog posts to help you go for gold!

Question for you.

Do you think it’s okay to post selfies on your dating profile? Feel free to comment (but be nice!)

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