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She asked, “is it me or are men pigs?”. The answer is perfect.

Here’s what to do when guys online dating just want in a roll in the hay. The other day I was chatting with a single woman who had abruptly pulled her online dating profile off okCupid. She’s vowed never again to go online dating. In her experience, the men were rude and inappropriate. Most had sent sexually explicit messages. Others, while less indecent, still made clear that all they wanted was sex. Frustrated, she blurted, “Is it me or are men online dating just total… read more

Dating profiles and duckface.

Ben Stiller’s duckface in Zoolander was hilarious because, well, it was meant to be. It was a comedy. Since then many people, my misguided gender in particular, have adopted the look with equally entertaining results: Miley, Kim and Snooki, to name a few. Oh and that astronomically big boobed woman married to Ice T. Duckface is no sexier than a waddle. And yet… Take one look at Plenty of Fish and suddenly you’ll find yourself greeted by a sea of… read more

Dear Jerry.The Hooter Girls on your dating profile aren’t working.

Today I went onto Plenty of Fish to scan a few online dating profiles. I clicked on one of a middle-aged man who I was certain would be a buffoon. The photo was of him, beaming with pride, while surrounded by a group of Hooters Girls. It was tacky for two reasons: 1) half-dressed waitresses don’t conjure up even a modicum of class 2) older men being lavished by young women can appear creepy. That said, when I read his… read more

How to go for gold in the competitive sport of online dating. The first of a 3-part series.

This isn’t the most romantic approach to online dating, but the results could lead to a lifetime of bliss (and less closet space…you know it’s true). Follow the next three blog posts for real marketing tips on how to beat your online dating competition. Post an irresistible dating photo (mug shots, though impossible not to look at, don’t count). A lot goes into a great photo, but let’s cover the basics first: Men, put a shirt on (and I don’t… read more

Wearing red on your dating profile: stop, go or bull?

With Valentine’s Day just behind us, the colour red gained momentum. So did all the myths surrounding it. The most unusual one is that which suggests women who wear red on their dating profiles are more likely to attract men. Let’s not forget that red also attracts bulls. It’s also the color of blood, dominance, power, anger, not to mention stop signs. It’s been said that red is the colour of love and passion. Actually, closer to the truth is… read more

Online Dating. Tips For Writing Your Profile Dec. 7, 2013.

Usually I post excerpts from random dating profiles followed by a critique. I do this so that I can call attention to common online dating mistakes and, in doing so, prevent other singles from making the same ones. Today though, I’m going to skip the excerpt and go straight to the critique. I noticed something today that I see far too often –  online dating photos that carry  captions like “I no longer have a beard” or “I’ve since dyed… read more

Online dating profile writing tips for Dec.2, 2013

I regularly post excerpts from online dating profiles and then critique them. I find the dating profiles by scanning sites and then picking one profile that has a relatively common mistake. By doing so, my goal is to find an example that you can relate to so that, in turn, you avoid the mistake yourself. From the profile of a 51-year old man. Hi. I’m a pretty honest guy and I look ‘alright’ (but that’s for you to decide).  I… read more

Writing your dating profile. Tips for Nov.26, 2014

Today I’m featuring an excerpt from an online dating profile that I found on The reason why I chose it is because it has one big profile writing mistake that I’ve seen on the dating profiles of countless men and women. Excerpt from the dating profile of a 48-year old woman: Coming out of an 18-year marriage and ready to move forward and live life to its fullest and more. I love to laugh and I treasure a friend… read more

Online dating profiles. Today’s critique. Nov. 25, 2014.

Today I scanned dating profiles on okCupid looking for those that had common profile writing mistakes. Here’s an excerpt from one of them, followed by my critique. By posting typical online dating profile mistakes, rather than outrageous ones (ohhhh there are many of those!), my hope is that I can keep you from making them yourself. From the dating profile of a 33-year old man: I have been told that I am a very patient person and that I’m fun… read more

Online Dating Profiles and Tips for Cell Phone Selfies.

I don’t understand why some singles continue to take self-portraits with their cell phones. More perplexing still is that they usually do it while looking at themselves through a bathroom mirror. I’ve come to realize that cell phone pictures are the online dating equivalent of comb-overs and wearing socks with sandals. Though everyone makes fun of them, some people miraculously think they can get away with them. I suggest that you can’t. Taking a cell phone selfie in the bathroom is… read more