Writing your dating profile. Tips for Nov.26, 2014

Today I’m featuring an excerpt from an online dating profile that I found on chemistry.com. The reason why I chose it is because it has one big profile writing mistake that I’ve seen on the dating profiles of countless men and women.

Excerpt from the dating profile of a 48-year old woman:

Coming out of an 18-year marriage and ready to move forward and live life to its fullest and more. I love to laugh and I treasure a friend who can make me laugh. I like challenges big and small. I’m strong and independent but also love to seek shelter in a mans arms.

My critique.

Divorce should  never be mentioned on your dating profile except in the settings. It’s too personal. Keep in mind that you’re dealing with strangers and there’s a certain amount of discretion required.

In addition, it’s not positive information. Everything you write in a dating profile is content that a potential match can leverage as an ice breaker. If you provide information that elicits sympathy or shared hardship then your emails will follow suit. It’s just not a light-hearted subject and it’s not one that you want to set yourself up to bond over.

One last tip about writing your online dating profile.

I post critiques of online dating profiles  on a regular basis. I select ones that have common mistakes to keep you from making them yourself.

However, by hiring me, you can not only get a profile that’s free of mistakes, but that’s also brimming with great ice breakers. As an ad writer and marketing expert, I’m trained to find your unique traits and I know how to present them in an engaging way.

Better  yet, I use your words and anecdotes, so that you go online with a dating profile that is truly “all you”.

Check out my online dating profile samples and see for yourself. Better yet, get started by completing the personality questionnaire and then submit your answers to me.

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