LinkedIn Endorsements and Nuclear Science.

imagesAccording to my LinkedIn profile, I’m skilled at everything from nuclear science to circumcisions (don’t worry I’m actually not….then again, depending on how you look at it, do worry…).

My contacts are geniuses too so I guess I’m in good company.

It seems that the endorsement feature is making high-achievers out of all us. It also seems to be making liars out of us too, however inadvertently.

Personally, I go through a vicious cycle. After I’ve received a number of endorsements, I begin to feel guilty that I myself haven’t endorsed anyone. This, in turn, inspires me to go on an endorsement frenzy until I feel I’ve done due diligence and all guilt has dissipated.

I’m actually so skilled at endorsing the skills of others that a friend of mine kindly asked that I stop. Naturally, this just made me want to endorse him more, which I did, giddily, until he started relentlessly endorsing me in return.

Oh the fun people with too much time on their hands can have.

Finally, we called a truce. But, while that solved the frenetic endorsement activity between us, what could we do about all our other contacts?

Thankfully, I discovered at least a partial solution to LinkedIn endorsement overkill.

Here it is:

1) Go to “edit profile” on your LinkedIn account

2) Scroll down to the Skills and Expertise area

3) Click the pencil icon

4) From there you can choose to manage or hide your endorsements

I don’t think it solves everything, but it helps.

How To Market Yourself On LinkedIn

For promoting your skills in a way that’s both credible and powerful, I suggest making sure that your summary section follows all the rules of good marketing. Here are some LinkedIn profile writing tips that I’ve suggested in “Is Your LinkedIn Bio A Little Too Personal?“, as well as in “LinkedIn profile or sleep aid?“.

Lastly, in this interview on King 5 TV, I discuss some LinkedIn profile dos and don’ts.

For more effective help, hire me to revise your LinkedIn summary. I’ll write a powerful opener that makes you come alive onscreen – thus engaging your reader in a personal, memorable way. I also revise your existing summary so that it’s concise and has impact.

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