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Before you join LinkedIn, ask yourself this.

What’s the point? To most, it’s called a LinkedIn profile. To me it’s best described as “one of the most powerful marketing opportunities for professionals to date”. Your LinkedIn profile is an ad and you can maximize it by using marketing techniques. One of the most fundamental is setting objectives. Like all ads, your LinkedIn profile needs to have a purpose. What’s yours? Why are you on the site? Many people are on LinkedIn simply because they heard they should… read more

LinkedIn photo or mug shot?

A friend of mine had been a highly valued sales executive for an organization that relocated. He chose not to make the move with them confident that he’d find work. His credentials are outstanding. His profile has been searched and viewed. Yet, two years later, he’s still unemployed. I’m convinced his LinkedIn photo is costing him opportunities. More specifically, it’s costing him about $100,000 a year. In his photo, he’s staring straight at the camera unsmiling. His arms are held tightly… read more

LinkedIn Endorsements and Nuclear Science.

According to my LinkedIn profile, I’m skilled at everything from nuclear science to circumcisions (don’t worry I’m actually not….then again, depending on how you look at it, do worry…). My contacts are geniuses too so I guess I’m in good company. It seems that the endorsement feature is making high-achievers out of all us. It also seems to be making liars out of us too, however inadvertently. Personally, I go through a vicious cycle. After I’ve received a number of… read more