Excuse me, my eyes are up here (and other online dating profile photo mistakes).

imagesIn the category of ridiculous online dating profile decisions on par with cell phone selfies are photos taken at a person’s computer. Not only is the quality poor, most people are looking at their screens rather than their cameras.

Tip: the camera is above your screen. As such, you end up with a shot of your eyelids, which is only interesting if you’re Ru Paul.

There are countless online dating photo faux pas’ but, for now, I’ll just address how to’s of shots versus what to’s:

Photos turned on their side.

How hard can it be to turn them upright?

Photos of your midsection.

For the love of all things sacred, crop your photos properly before uploading.

Dark photos and red eye.

Unless you’re Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart it doesn’t make you come alive on screen…at all.

Photos of your thumb.

Move your thumb away from the lens before shooting. Seriously.

Joking aside…

Most people take greater care when it comes to their photos, but we can all still use a few good tips.

Here are two posts that can help you create a really sharp presentation, What Your Online Dating Photo Says About You, as well as 10 Top Tips For Great Online Dating Photos.

For a dynamic presentation online.

With my “most exclusive service, I not only write your online dating profile, I help you choose your best photos. I’m also available for consultations if you don’t want the whole package.

By whole package, here’s an outline of how I “ghostwrite” an online dating profile:

I ask a lot of questions based on the answers you give the questionnaire. I then pick the most interesting answers which I put together to create a profile using your words and anecdotes.

Ultimately, your dating profile ends up being an honest reflection of you so that you can go online with a presentation you feel really good about.

Check out my online dating samples and see for yourself or just get started by completing the personality questionnaire and sending your answers to me. You’ll be amazed at how much more confidently you’ll go online.


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