Online dating and corrupt Canadians.

650x375_promo193082468If you’ve kept abreast of international news, Canadian political scandals are reading an awful lot like US ones. Rob Ford, Toronto’s mayor, was allegedly caught on tape using crack. Given that he’s very pink and portly, I’m relieved this isn’t a sex scandal. Still,  it’s crack cocaine and not pot, so he’s screwed nevertheless.

That’s not all though, another pink and portly Canadian politician by the name of Mike Duffy is also making shocking headlines. In his case, due to creative expense claims.

So what in the world is going on in Canada? How did their criminal capers go from maple syrup heists to illicit drugs and fraud charges?

Underneath the polite “thank you’s” and state-of-the-art snow removal, are Canuks just a country of cons? Worse still, are they all pink and portly?

More importantly, what in the world could this have to do with online dating profiles?

The answer to the first question is no. The answer to the second question is no. The answer to the third question is that I was making clever analogy. Just as “a few less than True Northerners” do not reflect on an entire country, nor do a few bad dates reflect on an entire dating industry.

I read so many blogs and comments about how online dating sucks and how it doesn’t work and how guys are jerks and how women are stuck up and, and, and…I cannot tell you how tiring it is to read these melodramatic excuses for making bad choices.

Though you may not be lucky enough to meet the “one” online, the process certainly gives you many opportunities to meet great people and have hope. If all you’re meeting is duds then you may want to look at the people you’re attracted to and who’s attracted to you.

Fact is, online dating works. This is not to suggest that it’s perfect. Nor does it work every time. Nor does it necessarily work quickly. However, it’s a great complement  – and, by complement, I mean that it’s not the only solution – to traditional efforts of meeting people.

If you keep going online and making bad choices then that falls on you. Look at yourself and what you may be doing wrong. Have you chosen pictures and words that are sending the wrong message? More importantly, have you been choosing matches that aren’t right for you?

Before you decide that an entire site filled with innumerable and unique people is to blame, consider your role. The great thing about taking responsibility for your choices is that you’re empowered to change them. If you keep blaming things that aren’t within your control, you end up feeling – and being – powerless.

On a final note

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