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3 big online dating profile mistakes men make and how to fix them.

As an online dating profile writer with an advertising background, I know a lot about selling yourself and standing out against the competition. And men, online dating certainly is competitive.You can’t afford to make mistakes. So let’s review some of the worst online dating mistakes men make followed by advice on how to correct them. 1) Dressing like you don’t care to hide the fact that you do. A lot of men fill out their dating profiles feeling a little… read more

Online dating: exposing the myth of evolution.

A recently divorced friend of mine began online dating. The second her photos were approved she received emails from two men. One said “Wow” in the subject line, followed by “I like your photo, want to chat?” in the body copy. The other one said, “Love your photo” in the subject line, followed by “Write me back” in the body copy. My friend is in her mid-40s, as were these two men. She’s a high-level executive, as were these two… read more

Online dating and the insignificance of your headline (gasp!).

As someone who’s spent years as a copywriter, I know the importance of headlines. In fact, ad writers often spend hours on them. After all, great headlines can ultimately maximize a client’s investment. Conversely,  bad headlines can backfire badly. Yet, despite the fact that I’ve sent clients big bills for writing one simple headline – and I sincerely believe that they’re worth their weight in gold in most cases – I confess they have little value when it comes to… read more

Online dating in track pants.

I confess. When I was online dating, I sat behind my computer in track pants. My hair was usually in a tousled ponytail. I wore socks with no shoes. Truth be told, had it not been for the fact that I shower daily, I was pretty much ungroomed. Oh and I’d eat little sesame snacks too. Crumby does not begin to describe what my keyboard looked like. It didn’t matter though. Who would know? I sat behind the anonymity of… read more

Online dating and “what does fair have to do with it”.

I’ve seen a number of dating profiles with variations on the words, “Must have pic. It’s only fair.” Fair? Really? Fair is to online dating what big toes are to fried chicken. That is – totally unrelated. Actually, let me make this even clearer: Fair is to online dating what otters are to Barry White. Fair is to online dating what spleens are to overdue library books. Fair is to online dating what pedicures are to kiwi fruit. I could go on.… read more

Online dating and corrupt Canadians.

If you’ve kept abreast of international news, Canadian political scandals are reading an awful lot like US ones. Rob Ford, Toronto’s mayor, was allegedly caught on tape using crack. Given that he’s very pink and portly, I’m relieved this isn’t a sex scandal. Still,  it’s crack cocaine and not pot, so he’s screwed nevertheless. That’s not all though, another pink and portly Canadian politician by the name of Mike Duffy is also making shocking headlines. In his case, due to… read more

How to be more successful at online dating.

When I was online dating, I saw the profile of a really good-looking man. Good news – we shared countless interests! He liked to cycle, rollerblade, swim, hike, ski, kayak and, generally, play outside. So did I – what a match (did I mention he was good-looking?). There was just one teeny hitch. He made it very clear – and I mean in no uncertain terms – that he played outside day and night, dusk until dawn, 365 days a… read more