Online dating in track pants.

working-at-home-in-pajamasI confess. When I was online dating, I sat behind my computer in track pants. My hair was usually in a tousled ponytail. I wore socks with no shoes. Truth be told, had it not been for the fact that I shower daily, I was pretty much ungroomed.

Oh and I’d eat little sesame snacks too. Crumby does not begin to describe what my keyboard looked like.

It didn’t matter though. Who would know? I sat behind the anonymity of a computer screen and a username.

I was wrong. It did matter. My looks didn’t come across on screen, but my sloppy attitude did.

The first couple of online dating profiles I wrote for myself were very average. They exuded none of my usual charm (my blog, my choice of words!).

In addition, my emails were far too casual and careless.

Basically, my behind-the-screen presentation was showing up online. In reality I was at home and comfy, but – virtually – I was at a singles party. The two worlds collided unattractively.

Put your mind to it.

I’m not suggesting that you dress up to go onto a dating site, of course. However, I am suggesting that you imagine you have. Mindset is everything. So, when you sign up and in to a dating site, imagine yourself looking good and ready to shine.

Remember that your dating profile, and every single email you write, are all marketing opportunities. Use them wisely. Though you may not want to put effort into dressing up for your computer, do make the effort to present yourself outstandingly online.

Don’t ever think of yourself at home. Think of yourself at a party where a lot of singles are doing their best to get noticed by the same men and women you want noticing you. Be more attractive than all of them and use your photos, profile and emails to do it.

Make a great entrance.

Every time you go onto a dating site, your profile is activated for all to see. So make a great entrance by using every single tool available – mindset included.

That said, many people know the value of a good presentation, but not everyone has the skill to put it together. As someone who’s spent years in advertising, I can help. I start by finding the unique anecdotes and traits that make you most engaging (sometimes it’s not the big accomplishment, but the small quirks that are the most loveable). I then write the profile using your words and expressions so that it’s all very true to you.

Check out the samples of my online dating profiles and see how I do it.

Or, get started with the personality questionnaire and send your answers to me. You might be hidden behind the computer, but when you go online, all eyes will be on you!

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