3 big online dating profile mistakes men make and how to fix them.

match22As an online dating profile writer with an advertising background, I know a lot about selling yourself and standing out against the competition.

And men, online dating certainly is competitive.You can’t afford to make mistakes.

So let’s review some of the worst online dating mistakes men make followed by advice on how to correct them.

1) Dressing like you don’t care to hide the fact that you do.

A lot of men fill out their dating profiles feeling a little awkward about putting themselves out there. Ironically, the role of getting “checked out” can make them feel self-conscious. In addition, many don’t think it’s very “cool” to look as though they’ve tried too hard.

As such, many go online trying so hard to look like they’re “not” trying that they end up looking like, well, someone who doesn’t bother making an effort.

My suggestion is this: if you aren’t really comfortable with a glamour shot or acting too eager, then dress informally, but well. Put on jeans that fit you well and wear a crisp shirt, then smile for the camera like you mean it. That few minutes of discomfort could lead to a lifetime of happiness, so give it your all.

2) Photos of women flanking you

I’ve seen countless photos of men with their arms around other women; wearing with leis and flanked by beautiful Hawaiian dancers; on the beach with bikini clad hotties; and even being kissed by women.

For years this astonished me. Finally, one day, a man told me that his friends advised him to surround himself with attractive women because that the best way to show other women how attractive you are.

This is terrible advice. It’s so precisely wrong that I cannot stress it enough. Posting pictures with women all over you just makes you look like a player.  No woman with a modicum of self-esteem would find that appealing.

Instead, add a couple of mixed group shots to show that you have friends but, otherwise, keep the focus on you.

3) Having absolutely nothing worthwhile to say.

It’s interesting how men can approach a woman at a party and engage in conversation. Yet, put that same man on an online dating and suddenly his ability to sell himself dies as painfully as an old computer.

Too many men don’t make an effort to write their dating profiles and to write them in a way that’s interesting. They also rely too much on emails that have little more to say than “Hi”.

Online dating is competitive. So use every opportunity you have available to sell yourself. Your online dating profile is a marketing opportunity so use it as such.

If you can’t think of what to say then begin by taking my personality questionnaire. It’ll help you find unique anecdotes and traits that can be added to your profile.

Better yet, hire me for a phone consultation or for one of my online dating profile writing services.

Not feeling comfortable with talking about yourself may explain why you don’t fill out your dating profile. However, it doesn’t explain why you’re willing to let that keep you from truly competing for the attention of someone who can make your life spectacular.

Some men don’t seem to take online dating seriously – and it shows. So which guy are you? The one who seriously wants to meet someone or the one who doesn’t really think it’s worth the effort?

Find online dating success.

If you have difficulty with your online dating presentation, I can help. You’d be surprised at how many men have used my services. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Better still, because I use your expressions and anecdotes, your online dating profile ends up being honest and true to you.

Give it try. Start with the personality questionnaire then send your answers to me. You’ll love what I can do for you.

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