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3 big online dating profile mistakes men make and how to fix them.

As an online dating profile writer with an advertising background, I know a lot about selling yourself and standing out against the competition. And men, online dating certainly is competitive.You can’t afford to make mistakes. So let’s review some of the worst online dating mistakes men make followed by advice on how to correct them. 1) Dressing like you don’t care to hide the fact that you do. A lot of men fill out their dating profiles feeling a little… read more

How to improve your dating profile with just one word.

The dating profile featured today has a profile writing mistake that I see frequently. Usually, it’s an approach that men fall into, but it’s clearly still applicable to both single men and women. The best way to avoid profile writing mistakes is to hire me even if it’s just for a consultation. However, if you can’t, then I hope that regularly featuring excerpts followed by insights will help. From the dating profile of a 28-year old woman. Fun, girly girl,… read more

Online dating: exposing the myth of evolution.

A recently divorced friend of mine began online dating. The second her photos were approved she received emails from two men. One said “Wow” in the subject line, followed by “I like your photo, want to chat?” in the body copy. The other one said, “Love your photo” in the subject line, followed by “Write me back” in the body copy. My friend is in her mid-40s, as were these two men. She’s a high-level executive, as were these two… read more

How to write a dating profile. Tips for Dec. 16, 2013.

I found an online dating profile today on okCupid. I’ve selected it because it has an opener that has been poorly thought out and needs to be addressed. By featuring excerpts as I do and then offering suggestions on how they could be improved, I hope to make it easier for you to see mistakes that you too might be making when writing your online dating profile. From the profile of a 32-year old woman. I work a lot. So… read more

Woody Allen, dads and ads.

I write ads. I write online dating profiles and LinkedIn profiles using marketing techniques. I also write this odd little blog about men, women and advertising. Today’s the day when “World’s Greatest Dad” T-shirts actually make a sale or two. On that note, who could be greater dad than Woody Allen. After all, he loves his children so much, he married one. Thankfully, countless other fathers  make positive contributions. This week’s blog begins with one of the loveliest. Dads and… read more

Online dating. The “Why Can’t We All Get Along” Edition.

I’m an award-winning ad writer. I’m an online dating profile writer (trained to get you noticed). I also write the only dating blog  about men, women and ads. In recent news, North Carolina outlawed same sex marriage. Obama supported it. Limbaugh chimed in too, of course – probably while sucking on a cigar, the biggest phallic symbol ever. Personally, I find it ironic that a civil rights violation can be upheld by law, while an act of love is outlawed… read more

The online dating blog about mothers and other mothers.

Anyone new to this dating blog, here’s the scoop: I’m an ad writer. I also write online dating profiles using  ad techniques so that singles can compete online. I also write this odd little dating blog that combines news about men, women and (of course) advertising. Enjoy! It’s Mother’s Day. Congratulations to all the women – and Thomas Beatie – who are celebrating motherhood at this time.  Also, a special mention to the biggest mother of them all: Rush Limbaugh.… read more

Breaking up with the Kardashians.

As a seasoned marketing expert, I take ad and profile writing seriously. However, I write blogs about men, women and marketing purely for fun. Single or not, feel free to enjoy them! I read the other day that the Kardashians have signed on for another 3 years with the E! Network. This news had a grievous impact on me. However, I decided to turn that into positive inspiration for this blog. Thank you to my Kardashian family of muses. When to… read more

Cry me a Rivera and other dating woes.

As a copywriter and online dating profile writer, I write a dating blog that helps single men and women attract their soulmate. Actually, that’s not true. “Dating, single men, single women and soulmate” are key words that help me with Google rankings, which matters when marketing an online dating profile writing service like mine (see, there I go with key words again). In fact, this blog is for men and women, married or not. After all, everyone can use good… read more

Feeling pressure on Valentine’s Day? You should be so lucky.

The only dating blog about men, women and avertising. As an ad writer turned online dating profile writer, I’m in a position to see Valentine’s Day from a broad perspective. As such I’ve learned that Valentine’s Day is, without a doubt, most loved by advertisers. Florists, chocolate makers, lingerie stores, restaurants, even strawberry growers (seriously, I saw organic ones on sale today at Whole Foods as part of their in-store Valentine’s Day promotions) – all wholeheartedly embrace this special day.… read more