Online dating profiles and Abercombie & Fitch

The other day I happened upon an online dating profile that wounded me with its cruelty.

Here’s an excerpt:

i love the bombardment of older overweight woman,lol. Whats with that,lol.

So i,m a tall hansome guy, so do tell me what i would want from an older overweight woman,lol really,lol. And by no means do i mean to offend or hurt anyone with age or size but really, think about it.

Though I’m not overweight, reading this caused me pain. The cruelty of the words is jarring enough, but to have them punctuated by “lol” is truly brutish.

I’m guessing he wears Abercombie & Fitch.

The irony of this post is that, however physically attractive he actually is, the man demonstrated such a depth of ugliness that I found myself revolted by him. As both an ad writer and online dating profile writer (feel free to review my bio), I usually commend anyone who crafts their online dating profile so that it weeds out matches that are wrong for you.

However, this heartless, arrogant twit showed the marketing savvy of head lice – and we all know how attractive they are – or worse, Mike Jeffries.  Instead of dissuading the wrong matches, my guess is that this self-described “tall, handsome” guy turned off  innumerable ones.

The point of this post? Truthfully, the main point is to give me an opportunity to rant. This man’s callousness broke my heart. There are overweight women online who’ll be reading his glib venom and my heart goes out to them. Despite how poorly this reflects on him, the risk is that they’ll be hurt by it.  I’ve had so many clients worry about their weight and even ask, “Should I write that I’m on a diet?”

My answer, always, is – never apologize for yourself.

This man is the perfect example of what real beauty and, in his case, real ugliness actually are. No matter how overweight you believe yourself to be, no matter how unattractive you think you are – ask yourself this: do you really think this creep is better than you? I hope not.

Here’s another question: do you respect him? I hope not.

And another: is he attractive to you? I hope not.

And another: is he someone  you’d be proud of? I hope not.

Online dating can be tough on the self-esteem. Let’s be honest, looks are the first reason why someone will actually stop and read your online dating profile. It can be a very superficial environment that can have a negative impact on your self-confidence, if you let it.

Here’s one of the biggest tips I can provide with regard to keeping your self-confidence in tact.

Look at the source.

Take a critical assessment of the person in whose opinion you’re putting so much stock. Do they measure up? Do you like them? Do you respect them? When you really think about it, does their opinion actually matter?

Chances are the kind of people who make you doubt your worth are the very people who don’t deserve high regard.

On a final note

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