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Online dating profiles that say I have an unnatural attachment to my Harley.

When I was 2 years old, I dropped a pair of glasses into a sewer to see if they could float. That they couldn’t infuriated my mother and puzzled me. This was the first in a long history of confusion. For instance, I’m bewildered by the popularity of Kate plus Eight. I wouldn’t even grasp the popularity of Brad Pitt plus Eight (or 100…oh come on, we all know that’s where it’s going). Certain Black Eyed Peas lyrics are baffling… read more

How to say, “I’m socially inept” on your dating profile.

Some things…no that’s not true – many things – are a mystery to me. For instance, though I couldn’t give a rat’s behind what’s inside a Caramilk bar, I would dearly love to know what’s underneath Justin Beiber’s fringe. I’d also love to know how come the Olsen twins are beginning to look like Ozzie Osbourne. Is it just the round sunglasses and frailty or is there some genetic link waiting to be disclosed by all the tabloids (or did… read more

Is your online dating profile too good for words?

Have you ever walked into a bar and suddenly members of the opposite sex threw themselves at you – without you even saying a word? Do people see you and automatically assume you’re a babe magnet? Do you find that you get by on your looks alone? If you’ve said no to one of these questions, chances are you’ve said no to all of them. So, when you join an online dating site and do nothing but post a profile… read more

Online dating and critical thinking.

One of my friends was concerned about online dating because she heard you could meet a lot of creeps on dating sites. I asked her if she had ever met creeps in a bar. She said she had. I asked her if she had ever met creeps at parties. She said yes. I asked her if she had ever met creeps at weddings. Guess what? She had. The point is you can meet creeps anywhere. Online dating sites don’t have… read more

Kate Houston on LA’s the “Gentlemen’s Club” podcast.

Fun clip on online dating with comedians Hammer and Bacon. You can hear them at

Kate Houston on CHQR Radio.

Short clip with quick tips on writing your online dating profile.

Kate Houston on the Dr. Laurie show.

Short clip from the popular Dr. Laurie relationship show.

Kate Houston on air with Dr. Laurie.

Short clip of Kate’s hour long show with Dr. Laurie.

Can you attract your ideal partner online?

Making yourself available is the first step in finding a partner. But being available doesn’t just mean being on an online dating site.  It means opening your heart to the experience, as well as opening your mind to it. That’s where Debra Berndt’s book “Let Love in” can help. It’s one of the few self-help books that doesn’t try to change you.  In fact, this book celebrates you. It’s all about helping you become clear on who you are so… read more