Writing your online dating profile, tips for California singles.

Every week I scan dating profiles from all over the States. I then pick arbitrary excerpts from three, which I critique based on my years as an ad writer and marketing expert – skills that I’ve since transferred to writing online dating profiles. Feel free to check out my bio.

The critiques are meant to help you too by providing tips to improve your own online dating profile.

This week, my focus has been on the dating profiles of singles living in California. This first excerpt is from a woman who’s 49 years old:

Likes: movies, swimming, rock & roll and friends. I also like summer and fall, especially fall.  I’m very grounded and even though I can’t have children, I would have liked to. So if you have kids, that’s fine.

Now for my critique:

There’s not enough here. Ideally, the length of a dating profile should be about 250 words. It allows you to write just enough about yourself so that the reader can leverage the information to get a conversation going with you. If you don’t say anything, then you don’t provide ice breakers.

Another mistake is saying something as personal as “I would have liked to have children”. Even though the best online dating profiles have a personal and conversational style to them, they aren’t meant to be quite that personal. Always keep in mind that you’re talking to strangers.

I’ll feature another online dating profile from California tomorrow and will once again critique it and provide tips that can help you improve your own dating profile.

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