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Online dating and deep crimson red flags.

Some online dating profiles are the literary equivalent of Scandal. There’s drama, anger, betrayal, intrigue, even surprise confessions. Today I read the dating profile of a woman who proudly asserted that she keyed her ex’s car. She added “lol” after that admission. I admit these are delicious reads. Lunacy often is. That said, red flags aren’t usually so obvious. Most have more subtle (though no less disquieting) clues. Here are my top six red flags of online dating. If you… read more

Does your online dating profile open with a…yawn?

“Just checking out this online dating thing to see if I could meet a man who is cool and decent and see where fate may take us.”  That was the first sentence on an online dating profile that I found on POF today. It brings up two important points: 1. Avoid being redundant If you’ve posted an online dating profile on an online dating site then you don’t need to say that you’re checking out this online dating thing. It’s redundant… read more

One dating profile. Five red flags.

Sometimes reading dating profiles is the literary equivalent of watching a “Real Housewives” show. There’s anger, drama and even shocking confessions (like the dating profile of a woman who gleefully admitted that she finally put out a restraining order on her ex). Admittedly they’re delicious to read. Nevertheless, not all online dating profiles are as unmistakably mad as a Teresa Giudice meltdown. Some have more subtle (though no less disquieting) clues. Here are five that I’ve noticed. Feel free to add any… read more

Online dating and fireworks.

It’s the fourth of July weekend when my mind turns to fireworks. Then it turns ever so slightly more and leads me straight to thoughts of online dating, specifically online dating profiles. Do you know how many profiles have variations of “we’ll know when we meet”? I was online for no more than five minutes and found 16. All were followed by the 1) naive 2) lazy 3) imposing assertion that this eliminates any need for emails and, in some cases, complete… read more

One person. Two dating profiles.

In advertising, we test everything. It’s common for one client to have  two separate landing pages to see which one will do a better job of converting. It’s also typical for a client to test their latest marketing campaign to a previous one. It’s even standard to compare one word to another. Whether the details are big or small, it’s good marketing practice to review what’s working and what isn’t, then revise accordingly. I often encourage singles dating online to… read more

Online Dating. Is nice that bad?

I’ve had a few conversations lately about nice guys. One was prompted by an article on the Good Men Project (a site that I really like). Another took place following a client’s recent breakup. Another one occurred the other day when a friend asked, “do you ever feel you give way more than you get?” I’m conflicted about the word “nice”. In the dictionary, it’s defined in a positive way. In the thesaurus it’s associated to admirable words. Yet, in… read more

The worst time to be online dating (it’s not what you think).

The other day a neighbor said she was going to start online dating. A boyfriend had just ended their relationship and, according to her, she needed an ego boost. An ego boost? That’s oddly conceited for someone whose self-esteem is suffering (not to mention shallow, insincere and presumptuous). More importantly, it’s misguided. If you’re suffering from low self-esteem then you’re also suffering from low expectations for yourself. The two go hand in hand. As such, going online at this time… read more

Online dating and why “favorites” can make you unpopular.

Here’s the thing about being added to someone’s favorite list: you’re not really a favorite. You’re one of that person’s favorites and that’s significantly less flattering. This is especially galling when the person adds you as a favorite and then doesn’t get back to you for a while. When this happens, it gives the impression that he or she will “get to you” once they’ve contacted their other, more favorite, favorites. Can you see how labeling someone a favorite could… read more

Online dating profiles and the appeal of nose pickers.

A former client of mine wrote to me the other day to say that she saw an online dating photo of a guy picking his nose. She wondered if I had an opinion about this and, of course, I do. First, you don’t tend to see this kind of nonsense on paid dating sites. Generally, when single men or women invest their money, they also invest of themselves. Though I think sites like okCupid are fun, and people have found… read more

The two most important words in online dating.

I read a blog the other day by a woman lamenting the fact that a man she’d been writing to on JDate had suddenly stopped writing. She couldn’t understand it. Worse still, she had heard about this happening to others too. “Why, oh why, do guys do that?”, she asked. Meanwhile I had a friend complain that he had sent a woman an email and that she never even bothered to open it. He couldn’t figure out why she’d ignored… read more