Online dating, free dinners, and ethics.

I just read  about Jessica Sporty, a 23-year old woman who subscribed to for the sole purpose of getting free dinners. This deceptive, childish and self-entitled behavior led to countless articles about her ethics. As you might expect, many people were horrified and outraged by her behavior. This article questions the legitimacy and logistics of the story. Of all the articles I read, it’s my favorite because it’s not as quick to comment as it is to question.

I found this article about the story to be interesting, as well, and for the simple fact that the author defends Jessica’s actions, the author suggests that – as long as she was upfront about it – then he’s all for it. I tend to agree. If a woman makes her intentions clear then it’s up to the man to agree to the terms (and vice versa). Sadly, she wasn’t upfront at all.

In the article,  he also says that 60% of men online dating are serial daters  just trying to get laid   This stat comes from a survey conducted by his site – a site that sells first dates to the highest bidders.  Given the kind of men his site would be surveying, I’d take the research very lightly.

Anyway, I thought I’d share.  Personally, Jessica sounds like a spoiled, narcissistic, immoral little brat with no qualms about using or deceiving people. However, had she been upfront and gone on a site like where her intentions would be evident, then I’d say she did nothing other than put a price on herself like the soulless piece of merchandise she is.

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