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Donald, dating, deception and hair.

I’m an ad writer. I’m also an online dating profile writer who uses subtle ad techniques (not hard sell) to help singles stand out.  This is my odd little dating blog. I’ve seen enough episodes of CSI to know that when a rug is out of place, it’s hiding something – except with respect to Donald Trump. If anyone looked beneath that comb-over, they would find nothing –  and certainly nothing worth further investigation. Yet this mentally bereft man is… read more

Online dating and happy endings (so to speak).

Welcome to the most unique online dating blog on the web. I’m an ad writer trained to write positive, persuasive copy. I use my marketing savvy to craft online dating profiles that get noticed among the millions of others competing online. True to both my crafts, I also write the only online dating blog about men, women – and marketing! When I was younger I was given the funniest, feistiest cat ever. I named him Spunk. At the time, the… read more

The online dating blog about mothers and other mothers.

Anyone new to this dating blog, here’s the scoop: I’m an ad writer. I also write online dating profiles using  ad techniques so that singles can compete online. I also write this odd little dating blog that combines news about men, women and (of course) advertising. Enjoy! It’s Mother’s Day. Congratulations to all the women – and Thomas Beatie – who are celebrating motherhood at this time.  Also, a special mention to the biggest mother of them all: Rush Limbaugh.… read more

Real online dating tips or just real bad advice?

When I was young, I heard that crusty bread would make my hair curly. I loved curly hair. I loved it more than life and Tony Danza put together. Though I had a straight, dark mane I was convinced that a few French rolls a day would transform me into Farrah Fawcett. I also heard that mayonnaise would make it thick and shimmering. For weeks, I smelled like a picnic. To my dismay, my hair became progressively stringy, dull, and… read more

Online dating, free dinners, and ethics.

I just read  about Jessica Sporty, a 23-year old woman who subscribed to for the sole purpose of getting free dinners. This deceptive, childish and self-entitled behavior led to countless articles about her ethics. As you might expect, many people were horrified and outraged by her behavior. This article questions the legitimacy and logistics of the story. Of all the articles I read, it’s my favorite because it’s not as quick to comment as it is to question. I… read more

Demi & Ashton. Can we stop calling it cougar dating?

The other day Joy Behar tweeted about the impending divorce between Demi Moore and Ashton Kushter. Her tweet made a glib reference to Kushter being “grounded” (as in – sent to his room). I replied to the tweet with an equally glib, “I think it’s called minors emancipation”. At the time, I thought I was being clever. I since regret the callousness and prejudice of my words. In effect, I was making snide commentary about their age difference, which has… read more

Breaking Bad Season 4 and online dating profiles.

The other day I went onto Facebook and looked at the news feed. The first item was a quote by Rumi posted by a friend of mine, ““What you seek is seeking you.” Just below was a post by another friend. It read, “Be one with the universe and you’ll never be alone.” The next post, from another friend, also had something to do with gratitude or love or visualization or manifestation or some such presumably meaningful quote. Finally, I… read more

Online dating and lovable quirks.

Not long ago, I was on King 5 TV’s New Day Northwest. In conversation with the host, Margaret Larson (a lovely person who donates much of her time to humanitarian causes), we talked about how charming quirks can be. Of all the aspects of my work, discovering a person’s unique quirks is one that I always enjoy. They’re endearing and so entertaining. As such, rather than keep these nuggets to myself, I’ve decided to share some that I’ve collected over the… read more

Online dating and reality checks.

When I was a little my parents told me that, if I became a Brownie, I’d get to  play ball, visit petting zoos and learn to make Oreo cookies. Instead, I had to sing strange songs around a creepy wooden owl. I was also taught needlepoint (ugh). I thought I had scored only to be sorely disappointed – and it wasn’t the only time. When I was in high school, I was told that if I took band class I’d… read more

Should online dating industries show more heart?

I have – or rather, had – a hidden account on one of the free dating sites. I do this to keep informed.  At one point, I had a question about privacy that wasn’t addressed in its FAQs. I wrote to Customer Service several times, but never received a reply. Eventually I included the question on my profile, which was then submitted for approval. Despite the fact that the revised profile was approved – and presumably read – the question… read more