Online dating and lovable quirks.

Not long ago, I was on King 5 TV’s New Day Northwest. In conversation with the host, Margaret Larson (a lovely person who donates much of her time to humanitarian causes), we talked about how charming quirks can be.

Of all the aspects of my work, discovering a person’s unique quirks is one that I always enjoy. They’re endearing and so entertaining. As such, rather than keep these nuggets to myself, I’ve decided to share some that I’ve collected over the years from various people who’ve enriched my personal and professional lives. Enjoy!

Whenever I get stressed I imagine myself in a tree house and it relaxes me.

Whether I’m setting the temperature or volume, I always favor even numbers.

I always mix sayings together and end up creating new ones that make sense only to me.

I still tie my shoes with two “bunny ears”, just like my big brother taught me when I was five.

I never outgrew saying “spasghetti” instead of spaghetti.

For the past several years my New Year’s resolution has been “eat more slowly”.

I always eat my vegetables first so that they don’t ruin the taste of my meat.

I read fitness books all the time but I don’t work out at all.

I eat ice cream with a fork so that I can pick out all the stuff mixed in.

I dance while doing housework.

I have pink flamingos in my yard and dress them up in costumes for fun.

As a kid I learned  all the words to a Dial Soap jingle and drove my family nuts by singing it at the top of my lungs every day for a full week.

Every morning for the past ten years, I count up to 25 blessings. I never skip a day.

I cannot go to sleep until all of doors are closed – bedroom, closet, bathroom – every single one. It creeps me out if they’re open.

I make up my own words to fit an occasion and I’ve even heard friends repeat them!

Every so often, I like to break out into a Yoda imitation.

When I look through a magazine I always look at it from back to front.

I always have to have the toilet paper roll over, not under.

Whenever I’m about to cry at a movie, I try to hide it by coughing. I swear I nearly choked to death during the Titanic!

I always sleep with the sheets tucked between my knees ‘cause I don’t like my knees touching.

I sleep with the sheets over my head.

I put my socks on first just because it makes me laugh.

I can’t look at toes.

Now for a few of my own:

Whenever I walk by a mannequin, I like to critique what they’re wearing (not out loud though!)

I like the taste of raisin bread, but not the texture of the raisins so I pick them out.

I make decisions by flipping not one, but three, quarters.  If I get mostly heads, then the decision is a smart one. If I get mostly tails, then I’d be an ass to go through with it.

I won’t eat kidney beans because of the name.

If you have some you’d like to share here, please do. More importantly, be sure to include them in your dating profile. Quirks are charming and disarming.  If your profile makes a reader smile then, already, you’ve made a great first impression. There’s nothing quite like the power of being likeable.

Better still, hire me and I’ll make you irresistible. Be sure to get started by filling out the personality quiz. It’s completely free and yet it’s an important first step in uncovering your unique quirks and most charming aspects.

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