Online Dating Profile Writing Tips for Dec.13th, 2013.

POFI happened upon a dating profile while scanning Plenty of Fish today and, within it, is a very good example of a profile writing mistake. As such, I’m featuring an excerpt from it here followed by my critique.  Hopefully, you’ll gain insight from it too.

From the dating profile of a 48-year old man.

I am an outgoing guy, love extreme sports, skiing, hockey, racing, motorbiking, skidooing, and love doing Tough Mudder. Other than riding horses, you name it and I am in!

What I am NOT looking for is someone who loves to hear herself talk for days on end.

My critique.

What I found so interesting about this man’s dating profile is that he goes on about interests that, for the most part, exclude the female gender. In other words, he’s not mindful of the audience to whom he’s writing. Yet he makes clear that he doesn’t want a woman who’s self-centered. Pot calling the kettle much?

When you’re writing your dating profile, it’s certainly important to be true to yourself and to put your interests forth. However, do pay attention to your audience. It’s great to be a man’s man or a girly girl, but give a potential reader a sense of how they can enjoy shared experiences with you.

About writing your dating profile.

Because I began my career as an ad writer, I know all the marketing techniques to make you get noticed. As such, I write profiles that are both captivating and persuasive. In addition, I ask a lot of questions so that I can use your answers and expressions to craft a profile that is honestly you.

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